Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Life Lessons from My Wise 3 Year Old...

I've said it a million times...when I grow up I want to be like Zoya. She is so wise beyond her years in so many ways. She get is....this game of life that the rest of us are still trying to figure out.

Make Someone's Day Brighter:
She knows how to snap me out of a bad mood instantly by calling, "mama" (in a very specific lovey tone) and waiting for my eyes to meet hers and then flashing me the biggest, toothiest grin she can must up...and she doesn't stop smiling until I muster up a smile myself. And she knows if I'm faking it!

Live in The Moment:
She knows how to live in the tonight when we were at the store and she found an Elmo and Big Bird t-shirt she just loved sooo much. She immediately tried to take off the shirt she was wearing (in the middle of the store) to put that shirt on right then and there! That girl wasn't gonna waste a second...because she knows life is precious and why put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today? And if you're wondering, yes I bought her the shirt and she is wearing it to school tomorrow because I've never seen her so excited about a piece of clothing before!

Make the Best of What You're Given:
She knows how to turn a dull moment into a when I handed her the new potty seat I was buying for her to have at school....and she sat in the cart pretending the potty seat was a wheel, making car noises and tilting the "wheel" side to side (okay so she might know how to drive a little bit...maybe I let her sit on my lap and drive up and down the driveway....she sure knows how to put that baby in reverse! lectures please, we were in the driveway going less than one mile per hour...ha!)

Don't Put Off Letting Others Know How Much You Love Them:
She knows not to leave feelings unspoken...every day she gives us at least a dozen hugs and even more kisses and many "I love you's" just out of the blue (even if she does sound like scooby doo...I know what she's saying and it melts my heart).

Encourage Others:
She knows it makes other people feel good when you praise and encourage them.  So I might never go potty again without having a round of applause from Zoya...but she sure knows how to encourage!

Take Pride in Your Accomplishments:
She knows she should be proud of herself because I can see that pride written all over her face when she accomplishes a new task or meets a new milestone, even if it takes her twice as long as everyone else. Like tonight when she strung together FIVE words that went like this "More, I want that, pretzels" (sounded like "mooo-ah, I oooooott dat pehpeh" She wanted more pretzels and she got them! When I cheered for her words a smile the size of Texas spread across her sweet face.

Dance to Life's Music:
She knows when music is playin' there's no other choice than to dance. At the first hint of music her little but starts swaying and her fingers start snapping and her head starts bobbing side to side. I don't think this girl can help herself when the music starts playing. Her life story, from orphan to cherished daughter is an intricately choreographed dance that she has perfected.  She finds beauty in each moment...she dances her way through whether that moment be high or low.

I still have so much left to learn....and thus far my beautiful daughter has been my best teacher.


  1. Isn't that the truth, if we all could take a page out of their little book of life that has just started for them.

    When Iz was first starting to potty train and we would go in together or she would catch me without her, she would congratulate me when I was done and I too go applause. I was thinking to myself, you know I know I can do it now and in years to come I may just need that encouragement to finish the job, hope she's still around to be there to help me out. LOL

    The constant questions at this age is hysterical. I don't remember Bri ever asking this much and this one won't let up until she gets an answer, a real answer.

    At a store the other day the cashier looked as Iz was bending into a million positions to speak with her, the cashier smiled and said "I wish only the rest of the world was that interested in talking to a person no matter who they are or what race they are." Oh so true!

    I think these little ones are sharing their life lessons with everyone isn't that the best gift of all.

    Zoya's smiles are contagious, I know guy that just melts when he's around her and I don't mean Shawn he melts all the time with her. LOL

  2. She's gorgeous!!!!! and yay for her. she has already learned that pretzels are the staple for the american child's diet! hehehe. Madelaine Burman

  3. This post had me in tears. I don't know if it's me getting to see Paisley soon or what but I am crying like a big ol baby right now. You're right, Sarah.... I think we should all be more Zoya-esque. The world would be a better place if we were. :)