Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zoya Spells Her Name

I've been working a lot with Zoya on letters and her name lately. You can see a little of her hard work here. You'll have to turn your volume up so you can hear her little voice. She recognizes about half of the letters of the alphabet so far, upper and lowercase! I am also working on teaching her how to put the letters of her name in the right order. This is why I love short names for kids :)


  1. how are you working the letters?? :)
    give us some tips!! hehe

    when we picked up Elias' name, my husband had one petition : short easy not common and not weird name. easy right? lol

    my husband's name is long, and he always said that he hated writting all of it, specially when he was learning to write and he had to do it dozens of times! lol

    so now with our second daughter, we are doing the same :D and funny will also start with E. :)

  2. You got yourself one ( soon to be 2) beautiful little girl! I found your blog thorugh a friends. I've been seriously thinking about adoption and have been reading many adoption blogs. I find adoption blogs a great source of information! Take Care,

  3. EXCELLENT JOB kiddo! You rocked your name!