Saturday, August 13, 2011

More Visitors!!

We've been very busy here at the Basile house this summer having some pretty cool visitors!! Of course you all know Summer and her family. They are in the process of bringing home another treasure! Stop on over and leave some love!  Our families were featured together in an article HERE before we actually met in real life. I first met Summer, in real life, shortly after that article was published. We had a fun time meeting last summer, and then again after Belle was newly home, so I was so excited I would get to see her again this summer! I hadn't seen Belle since she had just gotten home and I just couldn't believe the changes in her! What a love bug that girl is! (And she loved my cheesy potatoes). Summer was a rock star, bringing her three 3 year olds without her husband...thank goodness her daughter Taylor was here to help! I do think that was the first time I've witnessed a mama changing two diapers at once all while another 3 year old monkey hung on her back! She is one talented woman!

And many of you know Teri (The Mac's House) who is such a great advocate and source of support for so many Reece's Rainbow families. Teri and I have been emailing long Teri?? Well since before we met Zoya I do believe! a long time! Teri is one heck of a woman let me tell you. She has encouraged me many times when I was feeling down and celebrated with me many times as well.  It really does feel like she is family! She is one of the most generous women I have ever met and it amazes me to see how dedicated she is to helping RR families through leaving encouraging blog comments, donating to fundraisers, and just being an awesome cheerleader! She is a perfect example of how God calls ALL to take care of orphans.  Even though she is not adopting a child herself, she goes above and beyond to help others in their adoptions!  Her granddaughter, Izzy, and Zoya share a birthday and that shared birthday must be the reason they are so alike! Izzy loves seeing Zoya's pictures and videos on the blog so she was so excited to come and finally meet Zoya. You would have thought this girl has visited every day for the last year with her friendliness and hugs! She just can't get enough hugs...sweet angel! Soooo I was REALLY excited when Teri said they were coming to visit family close by us! Of course we had to plan a get together so we decided that Teri and her hubby Dan, their daughter Bri, and their granddaughter Izzy would come and visit WITH Summer, her daughters Taylor, Sara, and Belle, and her son Owen....WE HAD A PARTY!

One of the most amazing things about adoption is how it brings people together...families and friends, and people who you would have never met otherwise. I just love that part. So many of my close friends are friends I've met through adoption! During Zoya's adoption, and now with Laina's I am reminded how blessed we are to have all of the support that we do have!!

Here are some pictures of our fabulous party!
Zoya waiting for her party guests...

I think Teri was confused...she must have thought it was December 25th or something....she bought Summer and I beautiful bracelets!! And she brought toys for all the kids!!

Super Owen is strong enough to push a car!

Belle is the only one looking...she is saying thank you for the cheese potatoes!

Zoya just LOVED Dan! Excuse her mouth full but it was such a cute picture!

The Chaos!

Where is Shawn??

Anybody home?

Zoya wanted to wear her life jacket...I just go with the flow....

Girls playing ball with Mya
My beautiful girl...

Oh the fun of a tunnel! Even Mya wanted to play!

Shawn doing the "disappearing Owen act."

Playing together...

Super Mom with the three 3 year olds!

Love how Shawn loves on Belle!

Zoya and Daddy...
Bri lovin on Bellie :)

The June 3 birthday girls...

Giggling with Mr. Dan!

Everyone smile!

Another attempt...

Here comes a hug, Zoya-style!

Looks sweet and innocent right?

I think Izzy met her match in the hug wars!

Did you notice there is not one picture of Teri? She somehow missed all the shots!!! And I wish I would have thought to get a picture of myself with her and Summer...oh well that just means we have to do this again!!!


  1. Love it! Belle is such a chin/mouth grabber. That girl is STRONG! and can you imagine, when Gavin gets home.. summer is going to have FOUR three year olds...

  2. I Love it!!! What a wonderful day that was - thank you so much!!! I LOVE Shawn upside down on the lawn - he is the BEST!!!! I didn't get any pictures of Teri either :( Thanks so much for the "super mom" comment but if we are going to be honest here - I was the mom with the 3 toddlers NOT potty trained. So not so "super" really!!!
    So next time we celebrate Laina & Gavin - I Like it!!!! And Teri - no gifts next time - you would go bankrupt!!! LOL!!!

  3. Wow three of my favorite bloggy friends in ONE place?!?!?! Too awesome! It is so true...adoption brings us so many ups and down, but one of the best certainly is the people we meet along the way.


  4. Oh blushing! Thank you Sarah for such sweet words. It was a blast meeting you and Summer finally in person. It has been a long time coming and I think I was just on cloud 9 watching all the kids, big and little ones playing together! LOL

    Dan and Zoya, oh those two cracked me up. He is still talking about her feeding him during their "date dinner". :)

    Bellie, oh my what can I say such a love bug. That girl is STRONG, Bri remarked about it too.

    The hugs and kisses were my favorite. Yes Iz is a hugger and a kisser that's for certain.

    You are all family to us, each and every one of your family and Summer's family. You both know how much we care for your families that is no secret.

    Thanks for a very special day and I AM up for it any time you guys want to do a road trip! :) BIG SMILE :)

    I'm already looking forward to next summer! Laina and Gavin will be an extra special treat on top of all those kiddos. LOVE IT!!!!!

    Thanks again!

  5. What a wonderful celebration of love that was! So happy for all of you that you have found love and support in each other along with these beautiful children.