Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fun Family Day!

Shawn had the day off today and we had the best day ever!! Mila is able to start doing a little bit more outside of the house which helps my cabin fever! We started the morning with therapy...sounds like a hassle but not when you have the best occupational therapist ever :) We promised Zoya a trip to the mall and her favorite restaurant. She's been asking since the last trip. She kept signing "potatoes" and saying "ham," which means Ruby Tuesd*ys. She's been having a hard time with the fact that we haven't gone out as much as we used to since Mila has been home. Shawn or I will try to take Zoya on special outings but she always asks for the other half of the family and signs "together." She's happiest when we're all together AND out and about. So today she was soooo stinkin' excited...and so was I! She was giggly and silly during lunch. At one point she randomly hugged me hard and said "thank you." Oh sweet girl, you're welcome!

She and Mila were both so very well behaved on our trip to the mall! It was made so much easier with the double stroller Grandpa and Grandma Gigi gave us for our late Christmas celebration (in February). They love it and so do we!!
Mila is checkin' out the left hand again...she cracks me up!
Then we came home for some naps for the girls while I packed up our things for swimming (and Shawn took poor neglected Mya for a walk LOL)!! I signed the girls up for back to back parent/child swim classes. When Shawn has off he can come which is so great! He is going to take a turn in the pool with the girls next week...but this week it was my turn :) The clases are laid back and just fun! Mila had a turn first and Zoya waited patiently on the bench with Daddy. Mila really seemed to love the pool! I got a few random smiles from time to time...but my favorite moments with her were the moments she'd rest her head back on my shoulder and look up into my eyes as if she were checking to make sure everything was safe and trusting me so deeply. It made my heart swell! Zoya loved the pool and wasn't hesitant at all this time to get in (our lessons over the summer weren't mommy&me and Zoya had some anxiety). We are so blessed to have these two love bears!
Thanks for my pretty pink swimsuit cousin Mattea!


"You better not put this picture on your blog mama!!"

Practicing her swimming on dry land first
This is her "thug" face! Dont mess with her ;)
Absolutely gorgeous soulful eyes! (And look at sister pushing up on her arms!! woot!)
And of course the stunning big sister Zoya. Her smile is something else!

Silly Silly Girl!

Oh my heart melted when Mila kept laying her head back on me every now and again looking for reassurance and I really felt her sense of trust...made my heart bubbly!

Zoya and Mama...makes my heart happy!

Love the tounge out concentrating look here!

She's a nut!

Oh my heart....

Oh this look of hers just melts my heart....reserved only for mama!!

Beautiful Beautiful Girl!!


  1. Oh my goodness girls you did great!

    What a fun filled day. Your new strollers looks so comfy cozy!

    Cute swimsuits!

  2. They are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Lucky girls. :-)

  3. I love seeing how well Mila is doing. Love the chub on her. Your Zoey reminds me so much of my Nevaeh. Such beautiful girls and so happy. Thank you so much for sharing how well they are both doing.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  4. Seems like you had so much fun! The photos are so beautiful! Makes me want to grab my son and husband and head to the swimming pool right away :)

  5. They are both BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am amazed at Mila's chub...good going mommy!!! She looks so healthy and happy!!!
    Sunnie in NC

  6. This whole post made my heart happy. I am so glad to see a post with your whole family on an outing together that isn't a a trip to a doctors office and I know you guys are super happy to get a chance to just have some fun. It looks like a really awesome day was had by all. Did both girls sleep soundly after playing in the water? It always wears my little one out. ;)

  7. Your little bathing beauties are truly so cute!!! Mila is positively a chunk and Zoya couldn't look any sweeter if she were a giant ice cream sundae!! Again, I can feel your joy right through your post!!! Praising God!! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

  8. What a wonderful post...so happy that you're all so happy:) Thanks for sharing and brightening my day!!

  9. What a wonderful day!!. Beautiful Mom and girls !! :-)