Monday, March 5, 2012

Mila is Turning ONE!

Can you even believe it??? This little bean is turning ONE on March 11th!!!! What a milestone this is for our sweet girl! She's been through way more than any almost-one-year-old should have to, but by the grace of God she has survived this first year...and she has not only survived, but thrived over the past several months! Little chub-a-love is up to 17 POUNDS!! The dietitian at one of her appointments felt the need to bring up to me the fact that many people with DS struggle with obesity and to watch portion size with her....HAHA! Obviously she hadn't heard her story nor did she have any idea that just 4 months ago this little jelly bean was the size of a newborn at the age of 7 months! I told her once she was good and fat then I'd worry about it :) Come on, she's STILL just about at the 3rd percentile...But it made my heart happy to hear that dietitian think my baby is fat ;) Whose gonna tell her she can only eat half a piece of her birthday cake? Kidding of course :)

And just incase that first picture didn't do her cheekies justice....

So I asked Mila what she wanted most for her birthday and here is what she told me:
"Mama I want all my friends to be able to bless their forever parents just like I've blessed you. I want them to find their forever families where they'll be snuggled and loved and cherished beyond belief. That is all I wish for Mama." Me too baby girl, me too!

So, in honor of Mila's first year of life....her struggles and triumphs, and in honor of the true miracle she is, please consider making a small donation on her behalf to one of her friends!

Elizabeth's family is waiting on their travel date. This little peanut is so near and dear to my heart. Please, if you feel led, make a donation and bless the Rector family who will be traveling so soon! Elizabeth is the same age that Mila was when we met her and reminds me of Mila in so many ways!

Another friend of Mila's who still does not have a family is sweet Dorothy. When we lost Laina, Dorothy was one of our 3 choices to commit to. The only reason we didn't was because Mila was in greater need health-wise than Dorothy and the Lord called us to Mila. However, Dorothy still needs medical care and above all else, still needs a forever family to fatten her up and love her forever. The picture is terrible, but try to see past it. Is this your baby waiting for you? Dorothy is even younger than Mila and will be turning ONE in May!

Thank you!


  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Mila!!! I can't believe she will be one. She looks like a totally different child now, happy and healthy!!

  2. Happy Birthday Chubby Cheeks Mila.... It makes me happy to see those cheeks :)

  3. Ohhh, Sarah those CHEEKS are delicious lol! She's beautiful--you can see the sparkle in her eyes and the love allll the way up here in Maine!
    Sweet Mila, I wish you a WONDERFUL birthday and, in honor of that I most definitely would like to make a modest donation (wish it could be as HUGE as that smile of yours sweet baby girl!) Plz ask Mama for me when the money needs to be in by...if there even IS a deadline??
    Thanks Sarah! Enjoy those precious angel girls!

    1. No deadline for Dorothy since she doesn't have a family :) Elizabeth's family is travelling soon but you can donate to her fund the entire time they are in country :)

  4. Mila we are so happy for you to celebrate your very first birthday!! For such a special girl we donated to your little friend Elizabeth. Happy Birthday sweetheart!!