Monday, December 7, 2009


Six years ago, God brought someone very special into our lives. Someone tiny in size, but big in spirit and life. That someone is Seth. I was introduced to Seth at a school open house I held for parents before school started one year. That year was my first year teaching life skills. Seth was starting kindergarten in my class. I remember when I met Seth he was like a tornado spinning through the room, into everying, excited, happy, and full of energy. His mom looked at me and said with a laugh, "Well, let me know if I owe you a new pair of tennis shoes from chasing him." I kind of laughed and thought, "What am I in for?" Little did I know, at that time, exactly what I was in for, and just how much Seth would change my life!

I felt a special connection to Seth from the moment I met him. I had the opportunity to be his teacher for 4 years! I got to know his family and they became like family to Shawn and I. Seth is special in so many ways. He holds the secret that most of us spend our entire lifetimes looking for. He knows how to live each day in the moment. He shows his love and affection without ever holding back, making sure others know how much he loves them. He loves everyone and never holds a grudge. He is full of joy and happiness, even when he's having a bad day. He has the ability to make others forget all about their stresses with his bright smile. He trusts that everything he needs will be provided for him from one day to the next. He never worries. He accepts everyone and never judges others. In so many ways, Seth is an inspiration to me, and to many people he meets. If only we all could live life as happy and as full as he does. There is no question that Seth's understanding of life surpases that of the wisest people. He gets it. He loves life every day and isn't afraid to show it.  Oh yah, Seth has Down Syndrome.

I always knew God put Seth in our lives for a reason, but hadn't fully realized his impact on our lives until recently. When we started looking into adopting a child with Down Syndrome our eyes were opened to how children in other countries, and even our own, are rejected in one way or another. In the U.S. many are aborted before they are ever given a chance. In other countries, many of them are locked away in mental institutions, never being able to use their gifts to light the world. When I learned that, all I could think of was Seth and how that could have been him in another time or place. What a shame it would have been had Seth never been given the opportunity to teach the world what life is truly about. And in a way, Seth has helped to save Zoya from the fate that would have been hers. He has inspired us to open our hearts to a child who might have otherwise been forgotten, left to die, and never given a chance to leave her footprints on this world. So at 11 years old, Seth has done more for this world than many of us can say we've done in our own lives. He has taught people unconditional acceptance and love, he has inspired many, and he has helped to move our hearts to save Zoya. Looking back, I can see God's footprints all over our adoption journey. Seth is one of those footprints!


  1. I love following your story, and pray that everything will fall easily into place for you and your husband! Zoya is a beautiful little girl with so much to offer the world. :) Best of luck to you!!

  2. Love your new song, You'll Be Blessed, I have not heard that song in ages. Perfect one for waiting for your little angel Zoya!!

  3. Beautiful post! Very well said. Quoted from someone who knows the true beauty behind a child with Down Syndrome! Thank you for saving Zoya! She is going to have a wonderful life and mommy and daddy! Blessings to you.