Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Zoya!

Thank you for all of the prayers and support over the past couple of weeks!  After what seemed like forever waiting....we received our I-171 H (form from U.S. government approving us to adopt) in the mail TODAY.  What an awesome Christmas gift!  This is THE FINAL DOCUMENT that we needed!  On Monday my wonderful friend Jen is going to make the 5 hour drive to Harrisburg with me to get all of the documents apostilled (fancy word for stamped and certified)! After that, we will be able to send our completed dossier packet (all of our adoption documents the country requires) to Zoya's country where it will be translated.  We are hoping it will be ready to be submitted on February 1st when Zoya's country re-opens to accepting dossiers.  It's possible, if all works out, that we could get a travel date toward the end of February!  Merry Christmas Zoya....we are coming for you!

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  1. Dear Sarah and Shawn ,the Lord is so good!What a wonderful gift you have been given. I will pray for your safe travels Monday there and back. All our love, Kathy S.