Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year Zoya!

In Zoya's country, the new year has just begun (5:01pm our time). Hopefully Zoya is sleeping peacefully in her crib as her country celebrates the new year. Little does she know, she has a lot to celebrate herself! 2010 will bring a whole new life to Zoya. A life her little mind cannot even imagine because, sadly, life in an orphanage is all she has known in her 18 months of life. 2010 is sue to be Zoya's best year yet!
We are also looking forward to 2010 as it will bring many changes to our lives. We are so excited to bring Zoya home and celebrate so many firsts with her. My goal this year is to be the best momma ever to Zoya. I will kiss her and hug her and tell her I love her every day. I will remember what she came from and be patient and understanding of her needs. I will do anything under the sun to give her everything she needs to become all that God intended for her to become.

Zoya, I wish more than anything that you could feel our love for you now, right this very moment, as you are sleeping. I wish you could feel our arms around you, holding you and telling you everything is going to be just fine. I wish I could pick you up and kiss your little cheeks and hear you giggle. This year, those wishes will come true!

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  1. Zoya has no idea what is coming!! What an incredible year this will be for all of us!