Sunday, August 15, 2010

An Awesome Visit

Yesterday Lyla's Family came to meet our family! This is the family that was in the article that I posted HERE. We were so excited for an opportunity to meet this beautiful family and share our hearts with them. It is so nice to spend time with another family who has similar hearts and passions for orphans. The Spitz family is amazing! They work together so well and are one of the most kind and happy families I have ever met! I hope we can raise Zoya to be as compassionate and caring as the "big kids" in the Spitz family. I know their blog name is "Lucky to Love Lyla" and really they are so lucky, and I'm so excited for the blessing they are soon to receive, but even more I am so thrilled to think that Lyla will be joining such an amazing family! I have a feeling that she will experience love she never could have imagined! Lyla's momma is so excited just to meet her and hold her and pour all of her love into her! I have no doubt Lyla will never look back!

Zoya really liked Dave and went straight to him when he got out of the van like she had known him forever! (If you check out their blog that I linked above you can see a picture of that). I figured Zoya would go right for the boys since she likes boys so much, but to my surpise she attack hugged Sara! (about 15 times). Sweet Sara just smiled and hugged back while trying not to fall over because Zoya was hugging her so hard. This is why we call Zoya "everyone's not so favorite great-aunt" because she attacks with hugs and kisses and doesn't moderate her strength of hugs or kisses based on the other person's size!! Zoya also really enjoyed Sara's pigtails and might have pulled them once or twice...oops. The kids played outside and splashed around in the water table. Zoya had fun splashing like a maniac and watching Sara run away. Zoya kept signing "more." LOL. And Owen, what a blessing! He melted our hearts...I especially loved the fact that he kept calling our dog Mya "Sandy" because he thought she was the dog from the movie Annie!! One time, he said to Mya, "c'mere honey." Too sweet! And the older three Spitz kids....just amazing! Summer and Dave should be so proud because those kids have such big hearts and I so can't wait to see how they pour their love into Lyla too!

We had a cook out and enjoyed eachother's company and some good food! Summer and I both meant to take a million pictures, but we were so busy with the kids and talking with eachother that we only got a few. Good thing the few we got are GREAT!

We celebrated with an ice cream cake!! Can't wait to meet Lyla!
(P.S. Here is the conversation at Dairy Queen:
DQ worker: "What color writing would you like?"
 ME: "How about purple?"
They hand me this cake and I say, "Looks great!" LOL)

At one point Summer and I were chatting and Shawn walks out of the house and says, "Sarah do you see your daughter?" I started cracking up when I saw this:
Yes, we've been working on eating with a fork instead of our hands and Zoya is such a well behaved girl that when she finished eating the pieces I had cut up, she went straight for the other half of the burger....the half that wasn't cut up....and yes she used her fork to pick it up. Too bad it was too big to fit in her mouth. She eventually figured it out and took bites off of it like a caveman!

And can I just say, we had a blast trying to get this picture!! Dave figured out how to use the timer on my camera and we got all set up, Shawn hit the button and ran over to join the picture. I laughed when I saw it and I think it looks like a family reunion picture or something!! It is precious!

It was a breath of fresh air to spend time with this great family! It reminds me that there are many others fighting to make a difference for a child who much of society has written off as damaged and broken and worthless.  There are families who cherish and value orphans in distress!  There are families who sacrifice to follow God's calling no matter the cost! There are families that put others before themselves and work as a team to make a difference! The Spitz family is one of these families!


  1. Thanks for sharing that story, Sarah! Another wonderful family...just like yours.

  2. Thanks for sharing this special day!!