Friday, February 5, 2010

Are You Kidding Me???

Okay, just when we thought things couldn't get worse.....I feel like a circus dog lately jumping through hoop after hoop trying to get to our baby girl.  Adoption does have a lot of red tape.  We knew that.  But this much? I think it is fair to say that we have had more than our fair share of red tape issues lately.  I've stopped asking why us.  It is what it is and we will do whatever it takes.  The latest update is:

Our late arriving paperwork made it to Zoya's country today at 12:30pm their time! YAY right? Not so fast.  2 of the extra document we sent over were extra passport copies that had been notarized.  We were told they did not need the big expensive gold sticker (apostille) from Harrisburg.  Yesterday....yes YESTERDAY they changed their minds.  Those pages need the apostille now.  AND we need to get them there by WEDNESDAY, yes Wednesday in order to have our "new" submittal date of February 11th.  There was no way at 10:40 when we got this news that we could get to Harrisburg in time.  We figured out a way around this (I'll spare the boring details) and off we sent ANOTHER package (via DHL not Fed Ex this time) with more passport copies.  Estimated arrival time is Wednesday, yes the day they are DUE.  I really feel like I'm living in the movie Groundhog Day lately.  I suppose it's appropriate timing, but still it's not any fun. 


Even in the midst of all this stress, God is showing himself to us.  As I sat down at school after the intial news of this whole fiasco was given to me, I felt TOTALLY defeated.  I thought,

 "What are we doing here? Is this EVER going to happen? Can I continue to have strength to get through this? I'm exhausted.  Why? Ups and Downs are killing me.  Just when I thought we jumped through every possible hoop...more hoops to go.  God what is your plan? Can you give me a glimpse?"

I sat there stressed, defeated, sad, angry, trying to find peace. Just then, one of the little girls from the preschool class walked past me, smiled the most beautiful smile and waved at me with her pointer finger.  She lingered longer than the rest of the kids, just smiling at me.  This little girl who lingered a little longer has Down Syndrome.  This little girl didn't know me from any of the other unfamiliar faces in the building.  Thank you God for that living reminder in that exact moment.  He knew I needed it.  I saw Zoya's face in this little girl's face.  Peace washed over me in that moment and for an instant I forgot about the paperwork headaches. 


  1. so sorry you are going through this :(
    LOVE the god sign :)

  2. Hi Sarah,
    We also are adopting from RR (Nadia) I am so with you on this red tape stuff and we're only in the beginning phases of all of this!!! I just got the notification yesterday of having 4 passport copies notarized/apostilled (of course this was after I had the original 2 completed) ugh! Anyway, I'll be praying for the swift arrival of those documents so you'll get to hold sweet little Zoya VERY VERY SOON!!! I'm originally from PA-Shillington to be exact (live in NC now). Where are you guys?


  3. AMEN AMEN!!!! Oh reading this brought tears to my eyes especially the end. See, there is hope not despair. Truly a sign to not give in to the frustration.

    Praying that your package gets there in a super fast timely fashion this time.

    Watching the snow come down here in Virginia, reminds me of Western NY.

    My nephew comes home from Iraq today for a little R&R and I can't be there missing everyone just a little today.

    Glad to put my feelings aside and think of someone else in prayer today.

  4. We're praying for your family! :)

    The Thomas Family
    (adopting from Orphanage 2, too -- we're just starting our journey to Sasha!)