Monday, February 8, 2010

Paperwork and Strange Dreams

Our paperwork was delivered to our facilitator in Zoya's country this morning!!! Praise God! It was estimated to arrive around Wednesday and that was the last possible day they could have it in their hands to keep our Thursday submittal date.  It got there 2 DAYS EARLY!  We are loving DHL!  We are still waiting to hear back to make absolute sure that they have everything they need.  They should now.  As long as they do, we should be submitted Thursday and hear our travel date within about 2 weeks.  I am so done with this part of the process and ready to meet Zoya.  We originally hoped to travel toward the end of February and now it is looking like beginning to mid-March if I had to guess. 

I have been having more strange dreams about lots of things, but Zoya in particular.  Last night, I had a dream we went over to meet her and when we walked into the orphanage there were babies laying all over with sign-up sheets next to them!!! I remember thinking, wow I didn't know it would be this easy, ha! I kept searching and couldn't find Zoya.  They told me she was with the older kids upstairs.  We kept walking up flights of stairs and stopping at each floor to look at the hundreds of kids laying in beds.  There were nuns everywhere that were smoking and not paying any attention to the kids.  Kids were crying and it was like nobody heard them but me.  The nun who was leading us around the orphanage kept leaving each floor really quickly before I was ready to leave.  Finally we got to the very top floor and I was hoping Zoya would be there.  They led me to her bed and her eye was all red, like it was infected or something.  She had a buzz cut.  I picked her up and looked into her eyes.  I remember thinking they were the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen.  Then out of nowhere, her pupils turned into swimming fishies!!! Once I got all the way back to the bottom floor with her they told me I couldn't take her because I never had my SDA appointment!  Any interpretations? Or should we chalk it up to anxiety, unkowns, and stress? That would be my guess! LOL. Either way, I woke up longing to hold her and never let go. 

As travel gets closer I almost can't believe we are going to meet our daughter....the child God has chosen specifically for us! It still seems surreal and like it is so far away.  We have worked so hard to get to this point with the same end goal in mind all along.  Now that we are so close to the goal, the days seem to drag on longer and longer.  The waiting gets harder, not easier.  We have been waiting 138 days.  That is 3,321 hours....which is 198,720 minutes....which is 11,923,200 seconds....which makes this journey seem excrutiatingly long, especially when not one of those seconds has passed by without me thinking of her. 


  1. so happy your paperwork made it there!!
    I don't know what to say about your dream :)
    stress, anxiety - all perfectly normal :)
    maybe too much chocolate before dinner :) :)
    so close now!! the waiting is so much harder once you get submitted and are waiting for THE email with your travel dates!!

  2. No one better say that you never went through labor. That's the longest labor I've ever heard of! I'm hoping that everything is in order for you and your husband (and Ms. Zoya!) Can't wait to see her in the USA!!

  3. Hooray! So happy to read the good news! :)

  4. So excited that DHL got it there early...I am seriously thinking about using them when we send our dossier in (soon hopefully!) Can't wait to hear when your traveling! You are soooo close!!


  5. definately sounds like anxiety! take some deep breaths, drink some nice tea, take a warm bath...and just know you are very close!