Monday, February 15, 2010

Orphans in Distress

I've struggled with the decision to post this video or not.  I've decided to post it because seeing this video played a big role in our knowing we were being called to do something in some way to help orphans in their distress.  When we saw this video, we had not yet decided to adopt.  This video made me sick to my stomach and I couldn't stop crying after I saw it.  I sat here, feeling so helpless and so sad for that little girl. I could not believe a human being could be treated this way...treated with such a lack of regard for her every single one of her days in extreme pain, sadness, lonliness, and unworthiness to those around her.  A helpless little child facing such harsh conditions day in and day could the staff even bare to see her in this condition? How does this happen? Is it a total and utter disregard for her due to her disability? Is there not enough funding to provide adequate (or basic at that) caregivers and health care? How did this situation come to be and what does God think of this? I can't even imagine.  I am not sure how long ago this video was taken, or if the conditions are now better than they were when this was shot (we can only hope).  Although we have reason to believe Zoya is in a better situation than this little one, it still breaks my heart to think that this little girl in the video is likely not the only child to face such a situation.  Imagine your child's face on this little girl, suffering....even though she is not your child by birth, she belongs to all of us...this problem belongs to all of us. 

Yesterday, on Valentine's Day, I thought of all the orphans who not only don't have someone to love them, but who live in complete misery and pain day after day.  This video shows what I can only imagine to be the worst possible way to live and die.  So yesterday, when we all thanked our lucky stars for the people we have in our lives who love us, children like this little one (and our Zoya) sat (likely alone) in their cribs not feeling an ounce of love.  It breaks my heart.  It would be easier to just forget it, but forgetting it would only make us feel would do nothing for these little angels who are suffering. 

I want to warn you that this video is very disturbing, but I am sharing it to remind you that orphans need your help.  Even if you can't adopt, maybe you can donate financially to an orphanage, or to an adopting family, or at least, pray for these orphans in distress.  (Scroll to the bottom of the page to pause the music player).

Let this little girl's suffering not be in vain....this little girl, even though we will never know her, played a big role in our decision to adopt Zoya.  Even though we couldn't save this girl, she has helped to save another child.  Maybe she can save more children with the awareness of this video. 


  1. I just watched this video with my husband. There are no words to describe it.. That is just so sad..

  2. (Heather hills)
    That is so sad and nausiating! Poor baby

  3. oh my gosh!! that is just so incredibly sad!
    I had to watch till the end but it just broke my heart :(

  4. absolutely heartbreaking.

  5. Sarah, It is just so sad. I know you feel like we do. You want to scream to the world and tell them to LOOK and not ignore these children suffering. I pray your posting of this video will touch many more people to help in some way. Thank you Thank you for adopting.

  6. Sarah, If you get a chance go to my latest entry (June 20) on You don't have to read it all but scroll down to the pictures of our daughter Grace. She is such an inspiration and encouragement as to how love and prayer can bring these precious children back from the brink of death.

    You and your husband are a wonderful couple. You are both such a testimony as to how God expects his children to be.