Sunday, February 28, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Trip!

Where are you going to adopt Zoya?
Can't tell you other than to say "Eastern Europe" :) You will know soon though!

How long will you be there?
We will take 2 trips.  The first trip will be about 3 weeks.  Then we will be home for about 10 days (hoping to be home before Easter) and then we will leave for the 2nd trip which will be about 10-16 days.  We get to bring her home after the 2nd trip!

Why do you have to take 2 trips?
Some families decide to take one long trip which would be about 5 weeks in country.  We have decided to take 2 trips because we can't afford to have Shawn off work that long.  He needs to come back and work in between trips since he will use all of his vacation on the first trip and be unpaid for the 2nd trip. On the first trip we will have an appointment where we get Zoya's official referral.  We will then get a pass to her orphanage and probably take the night train (about 7 hours I think) to her region.  We will then get to meet with all the orphanage staff and hear all about Zoya.  Then we will get to meet her!  While we are there, we will wait for court to happen.  Court is usually scheduled about 2-3 weeks after our initial appointment.  While waiting for court, we will get to visit with Zoya every day and get to know her.  Once court is over, we can go home and begin our 10 day wait.  Sometimes the wait is a little longer than that, depending on holidays, etc.  They will tell us when to come back.  Although it will be very difficult to leave Zoya after we've met her, this time in between will give us a chance to prepare for her since we will finally know her size.  We can buy diapers and clothes and all that fun stuff.  It will also give us a chance to rest and recharge for our 2nd trip when we bring Zoya home. 

Why is there a 10 day wait?
The 10 day wait is required by law to give anyone from Zoya's country a "last chance" to come forward to adopt her.  This is very unlikely to happen.  Some judges waive the 10 day wait but we have been told not to expect this. 

Where will you stay when you go?
We are bringing along a tent and will set up wherever space allows.  KIDDING! We will stay in apartments that our facilitators find for us.  We don't know yet where our apartments are, or how far from the orphanage our apartment in region will be or how much it will cost, or if we will have internet or anything like that. 

Can Zoya (insert developmental mileston here)....
We don't know a lot about Zoya's development.  Can she speak? Likely not.  Last we knew she was unable to sit up on her own.  So can she walk? Likely not.  Will she ever walk or talk or (insert developmental mileston here)? We don't know...we don't worry about those things either.  She will do all that God has planned for her to do and become exactly the child God intended for her to become with a little help from her loving family :)

When Do You Leave?
IN 11 DAYS!!!! We are leaving Friday, March 12th around 11am (out of Erie) and will arrive in country Saturday, March 13th around 8am our time.  So almost 24 hours of travel...please say some prayers ;)

** week the blog will be going private, I have a few spaces left for invites if you haven't yet sent me your email make sure you do that ASAP. 

Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes...keep them coming please! We are so excited to be SO close to such a life-changing time!


  1. I am so excited for you, your husband and Zoya!! We are adopting Dania, Luke,Josh and Dennis from I think the same country? We will be following your journey and cant wait to see pictures of you holding your beautiful daughter!

  2. Sarah!! Do you have any space left for another invite to your blog???
    I would LOVE to cheer you along on your trip to get your beautiful Zoya. I read you every day and you have truly been an inspiration to me and my husband. We are hoping to start the adoption process later this year.
    Thanks so much and praying for safe travels for you!!
    Karrie in IN

  3. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!! Cannot wait for March 12th!!!

  4. I've been following your journey, and would love to follow along while you are in country. You don't know me, but I hope to take the journey you are on when I am older, being 24 I'm still on the young side, but am learning and storing information from journies like yours. my e-mail is, My name is Kimberly, it wouldn't let me comment from my blog.

  5. You dont know me either im from Australia I love following all the RR blogs im a PW for Daniel in Bulgaria (older boys)
    id love an invite if you have room my e-mail is
    God bless and good wishes for an amazing journey

  6. It is coming up so fast. I hope our travel dates happen soon as well. I cant wait to hear all about it. We are adopting from the same country too I think, dont know, but I would love to have fresh eyes and ears there to tell me what to expect. Court and being in that country scare me a little. I will pray for you all. I am so excited for you!

  7. Please add me to your blog. We are just beginning this journey ourselves and are inspired by your story. My email is