Thursday, February 4, 2010

Once Lost But Now Found!

Our papers once were lost but now are found! (we think). They arrived in Zoya's country toward the end of the day today and should be delivered tomorrow morning (according to Fed Ex).  On the online tracking it is showing that they are there (after having left Paris two days ago).  That must have been one long trip...I sure hope it doesn't take US that long to get there ;) 

Since our papers were not delivered on time, or even close to "on time" our facilitator was unable to get our dossier submitted today :( We are rescheduled for a submittal for next thursday (February 11).  This does push our travel back a little, we are not sure by how much at this point.  I am okay with this and strangely have a sense of peace about it. 

We are starting to get excited (and nervous) about our trip.  There is so much to know and do to get ready. 
When we first committed, our goal was to get there and back as quick as we can and just "suck it up." It would still be nice to get there and back as quick as we can, but we are hoping we can have enough peace to enjoy our trip (even though I'm sure parts will be very stressful and foreign).  We want to learn about the place our child is from and buy some special things for her while we are there.  We want to interact with the people, learn from them, and maybe leave a little piece of us with some of those people as well.  Maybe we can show at least one person we meet why these children are so special and valued.  Maybe we can plant a seed with someone who will try to make a difference for these children in their own country.  Just maybe.......


  1. Sarah and Shawn,
    Glad to hear your paperwork was found. Still praying for all of you each day. Liz

  2. Oh, Sarah, this post is such an amazing answer to prayer. When God works in your life to bring peace and a new sense of purpose to what seem to us to be alternate roads in our lives that is nothing short of miraculous! I am overwhelmed with praise to Him for what He has and is doing in all of your lives. I can only image how He is working in Zoya's life right now--preparing her also for the new life to come. Thank you for your encouragement tonight. God has so many special plans, even in these delays.

  3. So sorry it did not happen today.
    At least your paperwork is there and you KNOW you are ready for submittal next week!
    Praying for a quick week!
    Now you need to start preparing for travel!