Thursday, February 11, 2010

No News but One Day Closer

Still waiting to hear....we have not heard one way or another if we were submitted today.  I'm getting better at this waiting this but i still HATE it! The thing that bugs me about this is that we aren't waiting for something to be done...we're waiting to hear what has or has not already been done!  They know if it was submitted or not and we don't! That bugs me!

To pass the time and focus on our next part of this journey, we went shopping tonight to get a few things for our trip (whenever that may be).  I looked at some adorable clothes at TJ Maxx, but didn't buy them because we just aren't sure what size and the few outfits were definitely springish if she is smaller than 18 month size in spring she wouldn't be able to wear them.  We bought a few small "cause and effect" type toys that we will take with us for her to play with during our visits at the orphanage.  We got a couple duffle bags on wheels as well.  Our challenge is to fit about a million things into 2 carry-ons and 2 checked bags!! We shall see.  I'm a pretty good packer and I bet I can do it with room to spare! Maybe I can pack Mya dog?? I will miss her tons :( 

Been thinking a lot lately about Zoya and if she has changed a lot since the only picture we have of her was taken.  Does she have more hair? Is she taller? Chubbier? Will we recognize her?  Will she look anything like the one and only picture we have?  It is hard to know that each day that passes is one less day that we will ever get to spend with Zoya.  Time keeps stealing our days, but in the same breath, Time is getting us closer to our sweet angel because as each day passes, we become one day closer to meeting her and getting to spend our forevers together. 


  1. I have found with traveling that space bags are the way to go. You can get the space bags now that you just roll up the bag and let the excess air out. That might help in your space issue with clothing or toys that can be squished.

    Can't wait to hear about your visit with her. I would be on pins and needles too.

    praying for news soon for you.