Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Frenzy, Friends, and Family

Our paper was promised to be delivered today by 11am our time (6pm Zoya's time), that did not happen.  We called Fed Ex about a million times and nobody can seem to figure out where our documents are.  They left Paris two days ago and have not been scanned in anywhere since then.  We were told "maybe they are at the airport" in Zoya's country.  It seemed that every person we talked to had a different answer or no answer at all.  FRUSTRATING!  Our facilitator in country had emailed wondering where they are and the lack of control and knowledge sent me into a frenzy.  I won't elaborate other than to say this was the toughest day yet.  The GOOD NEWS is that our facilitator in country is going to try and submit our dossier anyways since she has scanned copies of the documents that are on their way and has already translated them.  They still need the other papers to arrive ASAP.  We are debating getting another set done (which would definitely include a trip to Harrisburg) just incase and to save time if it turns out that they are lost.  Fed Ex will be hearing from us again bright and early.  When the paper does get there, we will be requesting a refund of the $90 it cost to send the papers (since they didnt get there when promised). 

If we get submitted tomorrow we could hear our travel date in a week or two.  We are still thinking the travel date may be the beginning of March as long as we get submitted tomorrow.  Please pray for us.  Pray that the papers would find their way to Zoya's facilitator soon so we don't have to get another set done which would involve lots of time and money.  We also need prayers to continue trusting (or trust better) in the Lord and his timing.  I, in particular, am having trouble letting go and letting God.  We are so ready to put this part behind us and travel to meet our baby girl. 

Thank you to all of our friends and family for your support.  Shawn and I aren't people who have ever had to ask for much help from others before.  We're pretty independent and are used to being on the other end of this support thing.  I must say, it has been such a change of pace, and quite nice to know there are so many people in support of what we are doing.  Your comments, cards, messages, financial donations, gifts, and overall support have blown us away.  We are so lucky to have such an amazing network of people who are routing for us and Zoya and would do anything to help us get there.  We also want to say thank you to those of you who have "met" us through this blog and have gone out of your way to leave encouraging comments, pray continually for us, and give financial donations.  We are so thankful that God has written each and every one of you into Zoya's story.  Without all of you, all of this would be impossible.  Thank you.

Love, Shawn and Sarah


  1. PRAYERS!!!! I'm hoping the best news for you tomorrow.

    This is not at all helpful right now but did you consider DHL for delivery? I have heard they are really reliable but I haven't investigated yet.


  2. so hoping all goes (went) ok today :)

  3. Oh my goodness! I hate when that happens and papers get lost. Stinks!!! Here's hoping that they find their way to your facilitator TODAY!!!! I have been following your blog since I saw that photo of Zoya on RR . She is so adorable! Can't wait to see her in the arms of her foreverfamily!