Thursday, February 25, 2010


Ever since we heard our travel date I have had the craziest butterflies in my stomach. When I think about what we are about to further than we've ever traveled before to meet a child we don't even know who will be our daughter....I get nervous and excited all at once and I get the crazy butterflies.  People ask me if I'm nervous.  The answer is yes I'm a little nervous about the unknowns of this process.  But it stops there.  I don't let myself worry about all the what-ifs or I would go crazy.  I am still suprised that I find such comfort in knowing God has this all under control and knows everything about Zoya and will equip us with the skills we need to take care of her.  I am suprised with how calm I am.  Every now and then a thought like, "wow we are going to travel 5 THOUSAND miles to meet our daughter that we know almost nothing about!" pops into my head and I get the nervous butterflies, but they are quickly replaced by excited butterflies.  I have prayed for this sense of peace and am so thankful that I do feel so peaceful at such a scary, crazy, uncertain time.  I pray that this feeling of peace will continue throughout the journey so I can thoroughly enjoy each and every new moment. 


  1. Right there with you!! Butterflies :) At least I am losing weight :)
    Just keep trusting in god and you will be fine!!

  2. i would love to follow. thanks!