Saturday, March 19, 2011

Carrington Update NEW

Thank you to all of you who are praying so hard for Carrington! This little angel is stirring hearts big time! God has big plans for this child.  Some of you have been asking for updates and the only update I have is that Shelly has been able to sneak home for the first time as her and Brian traded off between home and hospital. After not being able to keep down 10 ccs/hour, the doctors tried to take Carrington's feeds down to 5 ccs/hour and it was not successful. Poor Carrington was just not able to keep even that small amount down. Her body just has no idea what to do with the foreign substance :( The doctors are going to move the NG tube directly into her intestines and bi-pass the stomach in hopes that her body will be able to absorb some of the nutrition and not continue throwing it all right back up. Shelly really feels Carrington is in great hands at the hospital they are at.  I'm hoping to get a room number from Shelly so you can send a card or note of encouragement if you'd like.


  1. Bless you for the updates!! PRAYING so hard for her!

  2. Thank you for posting updates! Carrington is definitely working on people's hearts, and I know she is being blanketed in prayers.

  3. Thanks for letting us know. She's been on my mind ever since I heard of her.

  4. A GJ tube. Wow. I pray it works. Our son has a gtube. I can not believe that place let her get this bad. It isnt right! It makes me angry!! Did they just never feed her? How many others are just like her? Well I will pray that this blessing lives and thrives and in a year you will be showing us before and after pics.

    People need to wake up. Someone said when my husband got this new job we could get a new car. I told her our old car was fine and paid for and any money we had would go to the orphans not a car. People have their priorities all screwy. I dont care that my clothes arent brand new or my car isnt a 30,000.00 car or my kids dont have the next coolest thing out there. My kids, my God, and others will know where our heart is. Without a doubt our hearts are for the orphans widows and fatherless.

    How many more stories like this before someone says Enough. Oh how I pray Come Lord Jesus Come!!

    Be blessed

  5. Thank you for the update. Is the hospital a childrens hospital....praying that it is a good one and offers her the best care. Please continue to update.

    Stephanie lynch

  6. I would LOVE to send cards or something. I'm absolutely heartbroken about this sweet girl. I love the Burman family and their huge hearts for orphans.

  7. I would LOVE to know what hospital so i could send something!

  8. What about TPN?
    I know that's often a good option for patients with a non-functioning GI tract.
    I pray they've thought of this's often overlooked.

    Here's more on TPN: