Sunday, March 13, 2011

More Things I Love About Zoya

1. How she loves "lipstick." She loves putting chapstick all over her lips and chin and cheeks! She uses crayons or nail polish bottles and pretends they are lipstick!

2. The tight hugs she has been giving out of nowhere for no reason other than to say I love you.

3. How she hides things and signs "where" with a big smile.

4. Her loud giggle when she tastes something new and delicious.

5. She gets way too excited when her new favorite show "Sid The Science Kid" (which happens to be her first favorite cartoon show) comes on....and how she asks to watch Sid by saying "ssssssss."

6. How she loves bopping around the house in underwear and a hat.

7. The only place Zoya will poop is in her crib and then she signs "stinky" when she is done.

8. How much she loves her doggy Mya.

9. The way her entire body tenses up with excitement and glee when the wind blows across her face...every single time!

10. How she creates her own signs for people she loves.

11. Her special smile she gives only to me and nobody else.

12. Every single time I'm on the phone Zoya HAS to be in my arms NO MATTER WHAT!

13. When she puts herself in time out for no reason and fake cries.

14. When she peers out the window with excitement watching the snowplows do their thing.

15. How she insists on clearing the table after dinner, putting all the dishes in the sink, trash in the garbage can, and the food back in the refrigerator.

16. The pride she takes in scooping Mya's food into her dish and then placing Mya's dish on her mat.

17. She insists on putting things "away" in the right place, laundry in the hamper, dishes in the sink (and sometimes clothes end up there too oops), and her dishes in her drawer (even if there is still food in them).

18. How I always have to tell her only to flush the toilet ONCE, or else she'd stand there all day.

19. The fact that everything has to be closed....doors, cupboards, curtains, straw cups, containers with lids...

20. The squeal she lets out when the 5 o'clock news chimes play on the TV.

21. The silly sound she makes every time we go into a public restroom because she can hear her voice echo!

These are the things I want to remember in 50 years :)


  1. I love your "love about Zoya" lists!

  2. To see Zoya's transformation in only one year is nothing short of outstanding. She's a little fire cracker rock star, that's for sure. I hate to say it, but she works harder than my kids who are in their 20's, perhaps after your house is clean, she could come here? Thanks for sharing, she is amazing, and you are, too. Hope we see her at sailing this summer.
    Sue M.

  3. I love those things about Zoya too.

    I would especially like if she would pass along that wanting to clean up after herself to my household!

    Leaps and bounds, her achievements are endless!

    Way to go Zoya!

  4. You make it so easy to love Zoya all the way from SC. Guess who else loves Sid the science kid??? Between that and Curious George we can turn around any mood with the flick of the tv button. I hope to get the kids together when it gets to be sailing weather:) Yeah, I did. I just invited us to your house:) Miss chatting with you... all my hours have been reallocated. Sometimes I am a referee and sometimes I am a mama...something I have come to love more than anything else I have ever done. You too huh?
    love to you and your family....has it really been a YEAR? 5 months for us...seems like a week or forever, hard to tell. Cathy

  5. What a great list! You'll be so glad you have this list 50 yrs from now!