Monday, March 7, 2011


Since I'm recovering from hand surgery, I've been off work. It is nice to spend some extra time with Zoya even if it does take me ten minutes to do things with my left hand like open a can of olives for her! We've been doing fun things like learning colors and potty training! I learned that Zoya loves The Price is Right....this is what she thought when this contestant won $25,000! Ha, love this girl!

Thanks to Uncle Bub who came up this weekend and took care of us while Daddy worked! He makes a pretty great turkey meatloaf!  Zoya is so funny with Bub lately...every time he comes she acts SHY! This girl is NOT shy! She acts like she has a crush on him...way too funny!

Daddy also cooked last week and Zoya helped by cleaning up :) This girl loves to put things away!

Cleaning the counters :)


  1. Do you guys do the clean up song too? We do every time we clean something up. It is way too funny because even with people who normally don't live here and come and we start singing they tend to look at us a little strangely.

  2. Zoya is the BEST - Love the Price is Right Pic - I am cracking up!!! I hope you are feeling better and hope your hand heals ASAP!!!!

  3. Not sure the Board of Health would approve of how Miss Z. cleans the counters. :-) I sure hope her eagerness to help carries thru until her teen years. She is adorable and we all enjoy reading about your family-plus seeing the pics. Thanks for sharing.

    Sue M>

  4. oh my gosh!! She is soooo cute!! can't wait to hang out!!