Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Zoya's Hats

I don't know if wearing a hat is ingrained in Zoya from being raised by Ukrainian babushka's her first couple years of life or what! But this girl LOVES her hats!!! And it is most certainly perfectly fine with Zoya to wear two hats (seriously in Ukraine they did this!) and at home Zoya puts two hats on her head! It is also pretty cool to wear no pants when you're wearing a hat :)

(She was too busy watching Signing Time here to look at me! And she sat like this for a while...with both hats that she put on her head!)

I can't believe it was 364 days since we met this angel! Still trying to put my blubbering thoughts into a coherent post for our one year METCHA-VERSARY tomorrow!


  1. Multiple hats and no pants! Works for me, so sweet and funny.

    I love the pink hat, did she get that at her last shopping venture?

  2. So cute!! I can't believe it's already been a year since you met her. Time flies! I would love to get her and Darya together and maybe Zoya can use some peer pressure to get Darya to wear a hat. Or her glasses. Or I'd even be happy with a bow. And is she potty training??? Nice!!