Saturday, March 19, 2011

Carrington Update

Thank you to everyone for all the prayers that are going up for Carrington. Many have asked if the family has a blog and no they do not have a public blog and are not even able to update their private blog at this point. Carrington is fighting a tough battle as you can imagine. The doctors here said her body was preparing to die and has been slowly dying. Her low heart rate is proof of that. The fact that she can't even keep 10 cc's/hour down through a tube in her nose because her body has no idea what to do with food is proof of that. The doctors have told the family that Carrington is only alive by the grace of God. They cannot believe she held on this long...that poor sweet angel. Carrington obviously needs your prayers, but so does the entire Burman family. Shelly went straight to the hospital with Carrington immediately after their flight got in and will be taking a quick trip home today for the first time.  The Burmans have 6 other children at home, including their other newly adopted daughter.  Shelly is exhausted and seeking strength from the Lord as you can imagine. I can't even begin to fathom seeing my own child in the condition her sweet Carrington is in. Many of you are wondering how you can help and at this point Shelly is asking for prayers, and lots of them. Here are some specific prayer requests after talking with Shelly:

1. That the medical team working with Carrington will make all the right decisions regarding a plan of action.
2. That Carrington's body will learn how to accept food and slowly gain the much needed weight so she can undergo surgeries for gastrointestinal issues in the future.
3. That God would heal Carrington's malnutrition and the effects it has caused on her body.
4. That Carrington would feel a sense of peace that surpasses all understanding during this extremely scary time for her.
5. That the Burmans would continue having the strength they need to balance living between the hospital with Carrington and home with their other 6 children during this time.
6. That the Lord would use Carrington's story to bring glory to His name and allow others to witness God's amazing grace and powers of redemption.
7. That God would begin at this moment to heal the Burmans' hearts from all that they experienced and all that they are trying to process.

Praise God that the Burman's listened to the call to action on behalf of Carrington's life.  They almost didn't. BUT THEY DID. They had no idea how fragile this little girl was.  They had no idea just how much she needed them at this exact moment in time.  But God knew.

Sometimes it seems we just can't understand why things like this happen. There is no good reason. This was never a part of God's master plan. We are living in a fallen world and sometimes the heartache we see as a result of that is more than we as humans can even fathom. We want to respond with anger and frustration and sadness. My prayer is that Carrington's story will lead others to stand up and make a difference.We can't continue to sit back in our comfortable lives and pretend we don't know what is happening. There are children who are living in their very own hell on earth right now. There are children slowly dying in orphanages and institutions across the world as you sit here reading this right now. As easy as it is to sit here and feel defeated after hearing about Carrington's condition, don't let it defeat you....let it speak to you until your world is rocked and until your heart is broken and until you have tears streaming down your face and until you are moved to take action. Let Carrington's suffering not be in vein.

What are you going to do?


  1. Thank you. Please keep us updated as you can. I am praying for her and for the entire family.

    Dear Lord,

    We ask that you heal Carrington's body...we thank you that she is where she needs to be. Give the doctor's wisdom and the perfect healing plan for Carrington...give her peace and love...a love that only you can give. We ask that her ressurection will be here on earth and that she will CHANGE the hearts...Lord, CHANGE US FOREVER...that we will fight and never give up....and in the name of Jesus that Carrington does not give up....rise up Carrington!!!! Rise are loved....I pray healing over your entire body and your heart and your soul...In Jesus Name.


    Stephanie Lynch

  2. If we are unable to adopt at this time, what can we do? I ask this honestly, wanting to know what someone who can't adopt might be able to do to help this situation.

  3. Thank you so much for the update. I have been and will continue to pray for Carrington and the entire Burman family.

  4. Thank you for keeping us updated. Praying and asking all we know to pray for Carrington and the Burman family.

  5. Thank you so much for the update. I cannot wrap my head around the hatred towards this beautiful innocent child. My heart is breaking. We are praying!!!!!!

  6. Thrice Blessed, I would suggest

    1) Pray for orphans and caregivers

    2) Pray that God would open up a way for you to adopt (if you have the desire, of course)

    3) If you have the financial means, make a gift to a family who is in process to bring a child home

    4) If you can't make a gift, spread the word about a family in process who is fundraising. The more people who hear, the more who can help.

    5) Read all about adoption and blog about it.

    6) Pray

    Bless you for wanting to help.

    And I will be praying for Carrington and her family. What a beautiful name!