Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Visit with Belle!

On Saturday we got to meet SWEET BELLE!!! What a precious little love bug. This girl can give some serious snuggles! She is certainly making up for lost time. I've never met a child who likes to cuddle as much as Belle. She wraps her arms around your neck and hugs with all 19 pounds of her little self! What a precious little girl! And what a lucky family to get all those snuggles every day!

Summer and her family had visited us this past summer when Zoya was newly home. At that time her daughter Sara (who is a month younger than Zoya) was bigger than Zoya is bigger than hard to believe!

We had a girls day visit this time (until Shawn came home from work at the very end) and we had so much fun! Summer and I cracked up when the pizza guy showed up with my 20 oz. diet coke along with the pizza. I guess I clicked the wrong button online and ordered us a 20 oz. coke to share instead of a 2 liter. OH well!  We were so busy I totally forgot about the cake I made that was in the refrigerator! At one point I think all three girls were crying and Zoya and Sara were in a crying match to see who could cry louder. But overall they had a blast:) Zoya did get a little jealous when I was holding Belle and then later when Daddy was holding was cute to see her jealous haha. It was awesome to share some time with Summer. It is great when you meet someone you feel so comfortable around and share so many thoughts with. It feels like we've known each other forever and our hearts for adoption are identical!

Now onto the was difficult to say the least! But here ya go!

(ummmmm I don't even know? I think they were arguing over the wipes HA, don't worry Zoya didn't follow through with that arm!)

(yuum what kind of shampoo do you use Zoya? the puppy dog kisses!)

Belle saved all her flirty smiles for Shawn! She just loved him! Can't blame her:)

(What's personal space mom?)

And I'm hoping Summer's picture of all of us turned out better than mine! Then I can snag it and add it to this post! What a blast!


  1. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I've been "patiently" waiting for one of you to post on your visit together.

    What a charmer that guy of yours is, those hugs smiles from Bellie tells it all.


  2. Awwww!!! SO cool that you got to meet Bellie!! I would LOVE to meet BOTH of your girls! So sweet!!!

  3. I just sat here crying at your adoption video....since we are heading there (hopefully soon) to adopt Kareen it just made it all so real! Thanks for sharing! she is a DOLL!!!

  4. Oh how I wished to be with you and your PRECIOUS CHILDREN!!!
    Thanks so much for SHARING!!!
    A big hug from Christina