Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blog Invites

I am working on compiling a list of all the emails from those of you who have requested a blog invite.  I have found a way to make sure everyone who has requested to be included is included...don't want to leave anyone out.  Some of you left a message asking for an invite but didn't give your email so I can't invite you without your email.  A couple people commented as "annonymous" and just left an email....so those weren't included either.  Make sure you left your name and email to be included.  I am going to send invites out by this weekend.  If you don't get one, make sure you email me at spbasile@hotmail.com (write that down because once the blog goes private you will be locked out).  I think I copied all the emails correctly, but just incase you don't get one for some reason and you requested, make sure you email me after the blog has gone private. 

I have gotten some emails from people wondering why they didn't get an invite...that would be because the blog has not yet gone private and I have not sent the invites out yet.  I am hoping to have the invites sent out by this weekend.  I just wanted to make sure everyone who wanted to be included had a chance to read the post about the blog going private. 

9 days until we leave!!!! Oh me oh my I have been so busy trying to get everything prepared and loose ends tied up here at home.  I am still working through Tuesday of next week so I have been really busy with trying to do my normal teacher duties and getting things ready at school for a sub for the rest of the school year.  Please keep praying for us.  Specific prayer requests at this point include safe and timely travels, adoption-friendly judges and workers, quick time in country, no paperwork problems, continued feelings of peace and trust in God, and smooth bonding for us and Zoya.  Thank you!!


  1. Good luck!! I'm getting so excited for you! :) She's going to be one lucky little girl!!

  2. You are gonna be some lucky parents!

    God I just come to you now and ask that you give all parties involved peace about this adoption. I pray for judges that are sympathetic and loving. I pray that the waiting periods are waived, I know this is a long shot they say but we know you are bigger than courts Lord. I pray that Zoya knows these are her parents and feels at peace with them. I thank you for making this family Lord and I pray that this trip would be better than they could have ever imagined. Thank You Jesus. In Your name we pray Amen.