Saturday, June 11, 2011

Field Trip to the Buffalo Airport

Well vacation is off to a great start....we drove an hour and a half to buffalo, got through security (which is way more fun with a 3 year old by the way haha) and then found out our flight was delayed a half big deal...then delayed an hour...then delayed two hours....uh oh. Well that put us missing our connection in Atlanta so it is a no go for Florida today :( We got new tickets leaving out of Erie tomorrow with 3 connections instead of 2, but there were so many small things that went wrong that I'm convinced we weren't meant to be on that flight anyways! So after waiting to get our luggage back and driving back home....we are back home only 6 hours after we left.  We really took a long time to get nowhere today!!!

But if there are any blessings in the whole ordeal Miss Zoya was an absolute angel and so very funny and happy on the way home. We laughed and giggled so hard I was almost crying and now she is taking a little rest (after blabbing over the monitor for a good 15 minutes). Here is our sweet happy girl after 3 hours of driving and 3 hours in the airport with no nap....we are blessed!

Say a prayer for safe travels tomorrow and that we actually make it to Florida sooner or later!


  1. Oh gosh that stinks! I almost believe that Buffalo is known for their delays lately. Hopefully Erie will have much better luck for you tomorrow.

    Love the momma's sunglasses!


  2. Hoping you made it to sunny Florida!

    Brooke Annessa