Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

Dear Daddy,

You are my knight in shining armor. You knew I was yours when you saw my picture. You went half way across the globe just so I could be yours and you could be mine.  When I was fatherless you walked through fire to become my father. You didn't stop until I was safe in your arms. You are an example of true and pure love. I feel so safe and happy when you hold me with your big strong arms and squeeze me tight. I love hearing you sing rock-a-bye-baby even if you forget the words and make up your own sometimes. I love dancing with you in the kitchen after dinner and laughing until my cheeks hurt. You make me laugh when you do silly things. You're really getting good at matching my clothes and fixing my hair just right.  You have helped me grow and blossom with your love. I am so lucky to have a father who would do anything for me. 

P.S. It's really okay that I have you wrapped around my little finger, don't let anyone else convince you otherwise :)

Love always and forever and even more,

(We are having a laid back morning here with a pancake breakfast to celebrate...we had a horrible travel nightmare yesterday and didn't get home from florida until was one mishap after favorite part of the trip? Zoya peeing through her pants onto Shawn after 2 hours sitting in a plane that wasn't moving....Shawn had no extra pants but Zoya did...guess who looked like they peed themselves?? Happy father's day babe!)


  1. Oh so sorry to hear about the travel issues.

    LOL, don't worry Shawn it happens to the best of us. I did the same thing to my father when I was two! :) Big grin! :)

    Gorgeous daddy & me photos!

    Happy Father's Day Shawn....

  2. wHERE DID THE TIME GO? sHE LOOKS SO GROWN UP. oH MY. Beautiful baby!

    Be blessed


  3. One very long hug from South africa (for Zoya of course) I can't believe how long her hair has grown. She is ons smart little girl!!!