Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sassy 'tude

Tomorrow's the big day! OH MY. Zoya did great with her preschool visit this morning and I hope she is ready for tomorrow! I hope she doesn't pull her sassy card on the first day! What? You don't believe this girl is sassy? Here is what happened at the doctor's office the other day:

Me: Zoya you need to go potty before we leave.

Zoya: NO!

Me: You don't tell your mama No or you sit in time out, now go.

Zoya: (Glaring at me not saying No but not moving either)

Me: Zoya you need to start walking NOW. If you don't go you will sit in time out. ONE.

Zoya: TWO!

Me: You can count but when I get to THREE you sit in time out, now MARCH.

Zoya: (Marches in place with raised eyebrows).

Me: That's TWO!

Zoya: (rolls her eyes while walking to the bathroom).

And here is what happened after speech today as Zoya and her therapist came walking out to meet me:

Therapist to Zoya: "Are YOU going to tell her or am I?"

Zoya: (quiet) then yells and signs, "Goo goo" (good girl)

Therapist: TRY AGAIN.

Me: UH OH :(

Zoya lost her Elmo privileges for the night and was pretty sad about that LOL. What a stinker!

I'll be sure to report how tomorrow goes! Say a prayer (for me). HAHA.


  1. Ha! I have one of those, sassy, that is. :) prayers.

  2. Oh you are doomed when she becomes a teenager. haha

  3. Oh Zoya you just have to know that your twin does the same things. You're not alone girlie.... Around here we just call her Drama Queen Diva!

    I have yet to hear the counting back when told to go to time out, oh my this girl has spunk.

    Gotta love it mom!

    Zoya have a great FIRST day at preschool! I know that you are will rock it out. Can't wait to hear all about it.


  4. good luck mom!! :) hehe oh Zoya looks like a teenager! lol haha why everything has to be delayed but their attitude?

  5. I think you must be talking about some other child:) My sweet Zoya would never be sassy; she is just too sweet!