Saturday, June 4, 2011

Zoya's Birthday Part I

Oh my does this girl know how to celebrate life!! Zoya had a fantastic birthday and a beautiful party today.

Zoya was thrilled with the cards she received in the mail...she asked me to take a picture and held this one (from Grandpa and Grandma P.) up and cheesed until I got my camera out! HA. 

Saying "Dora"...she loved her Dora card from Kim

Lovin' her card from Christina in Switzerland ;)

She also got some pretty cool birthday packages from Grandma and Grandpa P., Aunt Debbie and family and Aunt Jane/Uncle Steve and family :) She loves getting mail!

Shawn and I bought Zoya her first dollhouse for her birthday. Let me tell you this girl LOVES this thing! I have never seen her focused for so long...I'm talking not even wanting to stop playing to eat PIZZA! She was so sad she had to stop playing with it to take a nap that she almost cried and I told her she could play as soon as she woke up. Dontcha know she wakes up from her nap and signs "house" and "play." Crack me up! Uncle Bub bought some cool people and doll house sets to add to her collection too! Pretty cool. It is a great therapy activity, working on fine motor control, speech (requesting people/items), and imaginary play.  And I think I love this doll house as much as her...I love watching my little-big 3 year old use her imagination while playing with this doll house! (Other than putting the baby in the oven, most of her play is pretty real HA! And it reminds me how much she has learned by being loved).

I think I saw Uncle Bub playing with the doll house while Zoya took a potty break...thats how cool this thing is! Ahahah!

Zoya got a little kitchen set from Grandma and Grandpa B...I love the imaginative play stage and this girl is totally into it lately :)

Another post to come all about Zoya's birthday party.  Going to bed dreaming of the sweet memories that were made this weekend.  My favorite memory? Zoya getting her party guests to sing happy birthday to her no less than 10 times and eating up all the love an attention showered on her...more to come tomorrow!


  1. Woohoo looks like a great birthday indeed, can't wait for part 2!


  2. I dont think she can get much cuter!

    My brother (Brad, 36, DS) will make everyone sing happy birthday and he pretends to be the conducter. After the song is over he pauses, gets a BIG grin, and sings "a man-y moooo" (and many more).

    He'll be 37 in July, so I know this year will be no different!

    Brooke Annessa

  3. Aw, Happy 3rd Birthday sweet Zoya!! Just think, the only reason she knows how to play "house" is because she has a FAMILY! I love it!! What a blessed little girl (and parents)! :-)

  4. Happy Birthday Zoya.... I just love the dollhouse and the new kitchen! What a lucky girl you are. xoxox from California :)

  5. Happy Birthday Zoya! I can tell it was a happy one. Tell your mom to put your hair in piggies more often. You look so cute!

    Stephanie Lynch

  6. Maybe she was re-enacting hansel and gretel! Only she put the wrong person in the oven. Could be some different version we have never heard of. Happy birthday Zoya! Madelaine