Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Beach Pictures!

Getting ready for the beach and Zoya got a little nutty!

footprints dissapearing in time....

Oh I thought sand would taste better than this!

This is pretty gross!

Why didn't someone tell me not to eat the sand? Oh what? You DID tell me?? Hmmm I must not have heard you.
Oh how I wish I could be right there right now!


  1. Love the pics and Amazing what a year, a family, and LOVE makes in the life a child. Happy Summer:)

  2. Love the picture of you and her sitting in the water! Needs a frame for sure!

    Brooke Annessa

  3. Oh My - the picture of you and Zoya holding eachother in the water - WOW!!! Now that is LOVE!!!!!

  4. Wow loving all these vacation photos. You guys had a blast. How awesome was it to have extended family there with you all.... Zoya looks like she had a great time.

    My favorite photo: You and Zoya snuggling up to one another on the beach.

    Awesome just awesome!

  5. What a perfect vacation for a beautiful Princess!!!!!!!!!! I have fallen in love with Ms. Zoya! We will soon bring home our little Princess, from Bulgaria!

  6. Zoya was meant to be a beach baby! I think you and Shawn need to get new jobs close to the beach so that sweet girl can be in her element! The picture of you and Zoya needs to be enlarged and put on a postcard; it is so beautiful!

  7. AWWWW I love the pic of you two hugging! SO SWEET! THANKS for sharing!