Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Freaking Out!

Okay I know I have a million more adorable vacation pictures to post but I need to cry for a minute.  Zoya starts PRESCHOOL Thursday....yah like in 2 days...well less than two days since it's already Tuesday at 2:30. Waaaahhhhh! Even though it's not "really" "officially" preschool, I'm still freaking out a little. We decided to send Zoya one morning a week throughout the summer to get her familiar with the idea of preschool. She will have the same teacher and classroom aide this summer as she will when she officially starts in the fall which will make it really nice for her!  This way they can get to know each other and work out any kinks before preschool really starts.  The summer program is a little more laid back and hopefully it will just be a great opportunity for Zoya to work on some social skills with some great peer models! But I'm just saying I might hide outside the window or pretend to be working in my classroom across the hall...haha, kidding I would never do that...I'd at least leave the building and check back in every 15 minutes or so....no not really, I mean come on I'm sooo not a helicopter parent, am I? Oh dear. Give me a break here, I have NEVER dropped her off somewhere and just left her with people who don't know her very well yet (ok so I did that twice at church and we all know how that went...although that wasn't Zoya's fault and the teacher she will be with would never act like Zoya is a burden). Shawn asked me how I will occupy myself from 9-12 Thursday morning so I don't sit here crying stressing about how Zoya is doing...he knows me too well! So I decided I am going to put a nanny cam in her classroom and just watch her morning over the internet....okay TOTALLY kidding there...I have no idea what I will do....probably sit in my car outside the school for 3 hours? No, really I'm joking sort-of.

HELP! Tell me everything will be okay!!! She will be fine, it's ME I worry about :)


  1. HA HA I SOOOOOOOO know where you are coming from except I am facing my daughter going off to college soon....EEEK!!!!
    Zoya will do just fine---I think once you realize that you will be fine too. It is a scary time but know that it is what is best for Zoya and she will TOTALLY thrive!!! Have faith in that beautiful little girl of yours!!! She can do it mommy...and you can too!!!
    Sunnie in NC

  2. She is definitely going to be just fine! She is going to be loved and adored by everyone, she is such a precious soul and is going to thrive!

  3. Oh so funny as I remember those days all too well and as we face Ms. Iz going to preschool I have those same worries, thoughts, etc.

    Ok so I would be the one with the cellphone on my lap sitting in the parking lot, there I admit! :) Does that make you feel any better?

    She will be fine, probably do much better than you even think possible. You already know that she is sweet, loving, fun and likes to learn.

    :) Hope that does help. Should I send you a box of chocolate just to help you get thru this summer?

  4. I think it is PERFECTLY fine to
    peek in" every so often", during those first few times she goes!!!! I did!!!!!!! It was SO re-assuring to see my child "comfortable" and seemingly OK with me not being there. He looked "nervous", but that is to be expected!

  5. You are the SWEETEST Mommy EVER!!! I am cracking up - I know sorry at your expense!!! I LOVE the idea that she will start over the summer to get a feel for things!!! You both will do just fine and when you pick her up and you get the running little girl yelling "Mommy" - well that will make it all worth it!!!!

  6. Come on sarah, she will be right down the road from your house! You aren't a helicopter parent just as much as I am! I mean I've heard that I...err I mean some parents followed their kids van all the way to school until they got inside...jeez, we are trusting parents who would never interfere...ohh nanny cam, great idea! I mean ha ha funny joke! Ok, my bipolar response to your bipolar post is done...lol. she will do great!!!! And so will you (with the right pills of course :)