Sunday, June 5, 2011

Zoya's Birthday Part II

We had a little party on Saturday for Zoya's birthday.  The always incorrect weathermen were calling for storms all afternoon.  We were hoping for the best since we had planned a cookout. At about 11:30 the skies looked like this just before they unloaded on us and started pouring rain and hail:
It got very dark very quick and I was a little worried with all the tornado warnings lately. All I could think was oh boy, if this continues into the party (which was at 3:30) I'm going to be pretty embarassed if all my party guests have to take shelter in the very messy basement! HAHA. Fortunately the storm came early and it turned out to be a beautiful day full of sunshine and warm weather!!

Zoya got to play with her cousin Mattea before the party started. She was so funny trying to steal Mattea's chips while her bowl was full!! Stinker!
Seth playing ball from his wheelchair :)

Shawn cooking the dogs.
Zoya playing with the girls
Here are some pics from my favorite part of the party.  Everyone sang happy birthday and then clapped. Zoya got soooo excited and giggled then signed and said MORE. It was so cool to see her realize everyone's attention was on her.  She convinced everyone to sing 3 or 4 times before eating cake! (And I forgot the candles all after the great candle mishap and then forgetting the candles, I guess it just wasn't meant to be!...Zoya didn't seem to mind!)

Zoya's own pesonal wheat free cake :)
Of course Elmo had to make an appearance.
Signing "more" after her first taste of the cake.

Zoya convinced her guest to sing happy birthday at least a half a dozen more times.  She refused to open a present unless it was followed by a round of "happy birthday." Most kids would be so into just opening their this girl the singing and love was more important...thats why we love her!

Putting her baby to bed in the cool new doll bed Aunt Nancy made.

I think she is telling her baby she'd better go to sleep! She is bossy sometimes :)

Zoya and Great Aunt Nancy

Zoya and cousin Alexandra

Liz lovin' on Zoya.

 We are so blessed with this sweet girl. She is our rainbow on a rainy day. She is good and pure, joyful and loving, she cherishes each moment, she knows what this good life is all about....she is what I strive to be every day.  My little girl is growing up and I can't help but get excited for what her future is bright!


  1. Zoya is just ADORABLE... Im totally jealous... I want a little Zoya! She looks so happy and loving life to the fullest :)

  2. What a joyous celebration!

    Love the cakes!


  3. felicidades Miss Zoya!!! :D
    she is so pretty and blessed of having a beautiful family!

  4. Happy birthday sweet girl ,you look like such a big girl in the pictures at your party.