Thursday, June 23, 2011

Great First Day!

Zoya's teacher reported that she had a great first day! She said she tried to hug and kiss everyone all morning long...funny part is there were no other girls in her class today...just boys!! She really liked one little boy in particular, probably because he was the only one smaller than her and she loves people who are smaller than her! HA. When I walked into the classroom to pick her up she got a real big smile like HEY I KNOW YOU! And she ran over to me and hugged me! Sweet girl. I also got a call from Zoya's speech therapist who visited her in the classroom today and she said Zoya did fantastic! She said Zoya followed directions and listened well! Zoya's teacher said Zoya did a nice job following directions even though she was saying "no" while doing what was asked of her! She does that all the time, says no but then does what she is asked anyways...stinker. Her ST also said she already seems attached to her teacher because when the teacher had to step out of the room for a moment Zoya ran to the window and watched for her and seemed sad.  Apparently she had some trouble sitting on the carpet and would rather socialize with her new boyfriend than sit in her spot! She also decided sitting at the snack table was for the birds and would only stand. This goes back to her fear of chairs I always talk about...who knows with this girl. Either way I'm way proud of her doing such a good job on her first day of school! When I picked her up I said were you a good girl? And she said "goo goo yah." Then I said did you keep your hands to yourself? And she got real big eyes and didn't say anything...she always busts herself!

Here is a cute video I took after school while Zoya was eating lunch today. I'm pretty sure she's already learned something after her first to take a big drink and then say AHHHHH. The first time she did it I cracked up because I'd never seen her do that before. I asked her if the kids at school did that and she said "yah!" I didn't think to pick up my camera until after most of our conversation was over lol.


  1. Oh no! Someone already likes the boys!

    Brooke Annessa

  2. Woohoo, way to go Zoya. Okay we watched this over and over again like 5 times. The part that had Izzy laughing the most was when you asked her if she was a good girl and if she should watch Elmo. The answer cracked her up each time.

    Great speaking Zoya! Bye......


    This is Izzy, I think you are funny. What a big kiss. I like to kiss and hug too.


  3. She IS too cute. And yes, she should get to watch Elmo :)

  4. ohh myyy gooood!!!!!!! she is the sweetess girl i have seen!!!!! im melting here ......

  5. Oh Zoya! What a big girl you are going to school now. We are so proud of you. I am glad you got to watch Elmo for having a good day at school. Soon Evelyn will be going to school just like you.

  6. Oh. My. Melting here.

    Her signing is soooo cute. and the look on her face when you ask if she should get to watch elmo is like "woman, please. I JUST told you I was good."