Saturday, January 23, 2010

Adopto Brain

So many times when friends of mine have been pregnant, they blame the "preggo brain" when they forget something, or feel distracted, or do weird things.  I've come to determine that I have "adopto brain."  At this point in the adoption, I'm doing things that make no sense, I'm forgetting lots of important things, I'm feeling completely distracted from every day life, running around like a crazy lady trying to do a million things at once yet forgetting the most important stuff...and on and on. Other adoptive moms...know what I'm talking about here? I hope I'm not alone with this adopto-brain problem I've been having!

I was talking to a friend tonight and told her how I feel like a big walking mistake everything I touch gets screwed up...LOL.  Then that causes more anxiety about doing something wrong, and in turn I screw up more stuff.  I was happy to know my friend felt the same way when she was close to the end of her pregnancy.  She had emailed her mom about how she was feeling during the last weeks of her pregnancy.  Her mom saved the emails.  This is what she wrote in one of the emails:

"I am having serious problems making everyday decisions in life...and it seems even though I think that I am thinking them out clearly and logically, they still end up backfiring and nothing comes out right!"

I guess maybe what I'm going through is normal!  Even though I'm not physically sure does feel like I can't wait to not be "pregnant" anymore and get this baby here already!  I'm having weird dreams and trouble sleeping, I'm worrying about things beyond my control, I'm not listening so well when other people are talking to me, I forget what other people tell me, I've even been forgetting if I've done something already or not.  My students at school are laughing at me when I say, "did we say the pledge of alligence yet today?"  I'm just going to blame it all on adopto-brain! Hopefully soon this will pass :)

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  1. I know the feeling.. My husband chased me outside to see why I put peanut butter in the fridge:) Some people refridgerate pb right! Lol, just cause I never did before..