Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our Last Document!

Today Eastern Europe celebrated Christmas (Eastern Orthodox Calendar).  When I woke up I thought of what Zoya might be doing on her 2nd Christmas.  It made me sad.  Zoya did get a Christmas present today, but she doesn't know it!  We received our FINAL DOCUMENT for our dossier in the mail TODAY!!! We are one step closer to bringing our sweet baby home! Tomorrow after school, Shawn and I will be taking a trip to Fed Ex to mail our entire adoption packet (dossier) to Zoya's country! We have spent the night checking over each and every document one last time and putting them in order.  We have a grand total of 28 documents to mail! That's 76 pages all together....End to End that's just about 70 feet of paper! You can see why we've been so busy lately.  I took a picture of all our pretty documents.

We need prayers that our dossier will arrive safely in our facilitator's hands to be translated and submitted.  This is a huge step in our adoption process.  It will be nice to have this part finished and move on to waiting for our travel date and preparing to meet our little angel.  I wish Zoya knew how special she is and how many hearts she has changed already.  Our house, arms, and hearts are open and ready for you Zoya!


  1. i like the FedEx choice. All of your papers look beautiful...which is NOTHING compared how how beautiful Zoya is, and will be when you bring her HOME!!!! :) Zoya might not know how special she is right now...or how drastically her life will change for the better; but God is certainly holding this little girl for you...and i think she knows Him, though she might not be able to express it. :)

  2. That is FABULOUS news! Praying for a quick travel date!!

  3. How exciting this must be for you:) We are thinking about committing to adopt Sasha, also in orphanage 2. Last night, after praying all week, my husband said we could..if I can come up with the money.. So I plan to do some major praying and looking for things to sell around the house etc.. How hard was the dossier?

  4. so happy for you guys!!!!
    maybe we can meet up in EE?
    We have a submit date of 2/1.