Saturday, January 30, 2010

Handing it Over to God

We found out why the envelope from Harrisburg took so long to get to us.  There was NO POSTAGE.  I had realized that I forgot to put postage on the first envelope the day after it got there.  I frantically called the office after overnighting a new self addressed stamped envelope and this was the conversation:

Me: "Yes I was calling because I realized that I forgot to put postage on a return envelope that contains a VERY IMPORTANT document that we need to meet a deadline for an adoption....." (on and on I went without a breath, which must have annoyed this lady)

Lady: "Ma'am people forget postage all the time, it was mailed out to you Friday." 

Me: "Oh so you just put the postage on it? Can I send you a check to cover the $2.00?" 

Lady: "No ma'am we took care of it." 

Me: "Thank you so much, I really really appreciate it."

So when Shawn went to pick up the package he realized there was no postage.  There was not even a stamp with the a post-mark date! We have no idea how it got here at all, but now we know why it was late. 

So then Shawn went to Pack and Ship to decide if we should send it through Fed Ex or UPS.  The lady there was really kind and thought that Fed Ex would be the way to go.  She said there were no delays from what she could tell.  Well right now our package is in Memphis Tenessee.  The top of our tracking page says:

"Severe winter weather conditions at Memphis hub may cause some
service delays and disruptions within the U.S. today."

Let's hope that this is not the case as it needs to be there by Tuesday.  It is showing that it has not left Memphis, which it probably should have by now.  Prayers are needed for God to put a hand on this package and get it into our facilitators hands by Tuesday. Prayers also needed for us if that is not God's plan :) We are trying to sit back and trust in the Lord that he will get the package there in the perfect time (whatever that may be).  We are trying to let go of our time frame and remember we can't see everything that God does...we know his plan is best, but it's still difficult.  There is nothing else we can do so worrying is wasted energy at this point.  We will get to Zoya, it may just be a few weeks later than what we hoped for :( 


  1. There really is nothing more frustrating than knowing it really is out of your hands.
    It is so much easier when you can control how things happen.
    We are also leaving it to god, it will get there when it is supposed to.
    We WILL get there :)

  2. We got our I-600 form back today. I thought, "WOW that was way quicker than I thought it would be. I wonder where we have to go to get fingerprints done." I opened the envelope and it was all sent back to us because we forgot to sign it! UGH!! Great post-- it was nice to be reminded again that Someone else has it all under control! I am a fellow RR parent. Adopting our little girl Evangeline from Russia. I enjoy following your blog!

  3. Will keep you in my prayers. This process is not always easy but the end result is what keeps us going!!!