Thursday, January 28, 2010


Did we get the paper today? No....we did not.  It is likely lost somewhere between Harrisburg and here.  Shawn even drove around for an hour looking for our mail lady before he went to work to get our mail expecting it to be there so he could run to Fed Ex and mail it out.  Although the mail lady didn't have our paper, she did have an interesting story to share...she herself was adopted!  She gave Shawn her phone number to call tomorrow morning and see if the paper is in her morning delivery shipment.  The papers have to get to Zoya's country by TUESDAY FEBRUARY 2nd in order to keep our February 4th submittal date.  If they are not there we will likely have to wait a few weeks for another date and that will delay things a bit.  Our new plan:  Call our wonderful mail lady at 8am to see if the paper is in her possession.  If it is, run to Fed Ex to get it mailed out the fastest way possible...hope and pray it gets there by February 2nd.  If it is not there, that will mean a trip to Harrisburg (5 hours there and 5 hours back) get a new form apostilled...then off to Fed Ex in Harrisburg to get it mailed out...hope and pray again! Either way our package will be mailed tomorrow.  Last time we mailed on a Friday it got to her country Monday, even though it wasn't expected to get there until Wednesday.  It is very possible that the papers will get there on time still....please pray.

There are no words to explain what we are feeling right now.  This is tough.  I feel guilty for worrying about this when obviously more difficult things are happening across the world and many other people are in more dire situations.  The feeling of a need and desire to get to Zoya as quickly as we can has just about overtaken all feelings of sanity at this point.  I know God has a plan, I'm just wishing he would give me a tiny glimpse of his timing on this! This is the day that the Lord has made...we will (still) rejoice and be glad in it.