Friday, January 29, 2010


Beth our mail lady called at 7:15 this morning and said she thinks she has our very important paper.  We asked her to open it and she had her supervisor open it.  IT WAS OUR INTERPOL CLEARANCE WITH A NICE BIG GOLD STICKER!!! Shawn is going to pick it up at the post office when they open and then mail it out.  We have to decide to go with Fed Ex again or try UPS/DHL.  We would just do Fed Ex but I've heard from another adoptive family that their papers went Fed Ex and are stuck in Paris for some reason.  Don't know if it's a Fed Ex issue or not.  Praying to make the right decision...the one that will get it there by Tuesday.  Nothing like meeting a deadline by the skin of our teeth....this is tough for a girl who always gets things done way before they're due.  But again, this is not "this girl's" project....its God's. 

Thank you for the prayers, good thoughts, and comments.  They mean the world to us.  Keep them coming :)


  1. I'm so happy to hear it came:) Praying it gets there quickly! The Lord knows Zoya needs you soon, He will provide:)