Friday, January 8, 2010


Today after work, Shawn and I drove to Fed Ex to mail off our entire packet of paperwork that we have spent the last 3 and a half months gathering.  I felt like I was carrying my most valuable possession (well I guess I kind-of was!)  It made me very nervous to have it in my hands and more nervous to hand it over to the less than friendly Fed Ex man.  He handed me a cardboard envelope to put the documents in.  I asked him if he had something different...something waterproof incase they got wet.  His response was, "they don't make anything like that, if it gets wet, it gets wet." I thought in my head ummmmm NOOOOOO.  Hello sir! I just told you these were VERY IMPORTANT documents! Shawn had put them in a plastic bag type thing with a zipper so when we were walking outside they didnt get any snowflake water marks on them.  So we decided to leave it in that bag and put the whole bag with the documents into a box.  It weighed 1.3 pounds.  The Fed Ex man was typing away on his computer, stopped quickly, looked up and said, "are you ready to hear this?"  We looked at each other like uh-oh.  If the Fed Ex man, who charges people to mail out big packages every day asked this, we were in trouble.  Shawn said, "yes."  He said, "One hundred fifty-nine dollars and seventy-five cents."  Yes...thats $159.75 to mail the package!!! We had brought a $50 bill with us that we received as a Christmas gift thinking it wouldn't be more than that.  I almost choked when he said that number.  Shawn took out our debit card and handed it over.  The man looked at him and said, "Are you ok with this?" And I piped up and said, "As long as it gets there!"  He said it would get there by 6pm Wednesday.  We walked out and had no other choice than to laugh at what had just happened.  We never really thought about how much it would cost.  BUT we would have paid a lot more if we had to to get one step closer to our baby!

The only thing we can do between now and our travel date is just prepare for her and keep raising funds and saving money.  The bulk of our job for right now is done.  Although it is a relief to have the first big step done, it will probably make the wait seem longer not having a set goal to work toward.  Now we just wait...for other people to tell us when we will have the opportunity to meet our angel. We are so blessed to be on this journey!


  1. You're getting close!! How exciting. Zoya is such a little doll, and I love her name :)

    Oh, and I love your dog!! what kind is it?? a sheepdog? I would love one like that!

    Good Luck,
    Jodi Lewandoski

  2. Isn't it crazy how expensive it is!! One step closer!