Monday, January 4, 2010

Progress Update

Last Wednesday, we drove to Harrisburg to get all but one of our documents apostilled (legalized/certified).  One of the documents needed to be redone and thanks to some amazing friends, they got it redone while we were still in Harrisburg.  If they hadn't gotten it redone we would not have been able to have it done until today due to offices being closed because of holidays.  Since they got it all done on Wednesday, we were able to mail it out first thing Thursday morning.  It arrived in Harrisburg Saturday and we are hoping to receive in our mailbox with its pretty shiny gold sticker by Friday.  We are hoping to mail our entire dossier to Zoya's country on Friday (we can only do this if we get this last form back)!!!  Once it arrives in her country it will be translated.  Then we will be given a submission date (we are hoping for Feb. 1st--thats the first possible date).  Within a few weeks of our submission date, we should be given a travel date, which is usually about 2-5 weeks out from the day they tell us.  So we could travel as early as the end of February or beginning of March! That's really not that far away!

As the time to meet Zoya gets closer, we are getting so excited and nervous at the same time! We are nervous about all the details of the travel, and the lack of control we will have over all of it. I'm not a great "go with the flow" kinda girl when it comes to big life changing events like this.  So we will definitely need some prayers to get through this next leg of the race! I look forward to the day we can look back on all of this and remember it as just the beginning of our great adventure with Zoya. 

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  1. This is going to be so great!! I cannot WAIT for you to meet your baby girrrrrl!