Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Letter to My Sweet Zoya

Dear Zoya,

Today marks the four month anniversary of when we committed to adopt you.  We had seen your picture just 11 days before we decided we couldn't live without you.  I look at your picture every day...sometimes twenty or thirty times a day.  It is the only picture we have of you.  I wonder how much you will have changed when we finally get to meet you. I dream about the day we get to see you, touch you, hold you, love you....and call you our daughter.  Every time I look at the clock, I add seven hours on and try to imagine what you might be doing at that very moment.  I hope that you have a caregiver at your orphanage who you have been able to connect with and feel some sort of love from until we can get there.  I hope you keep fighting to stay strong because we are coming for you soon.   I know that God is protecting your mind and your tiny body.  Your Daddy and I talk about you all the time and wonder what kinds of foods will be your favorites when you are home, and what you will think of your doggy sister Mya.  We can't wait to see what color your hair really is.  How much will you weigh?  Will you be a night owl and hate mornings like your momma?  (Let's hope so, but if not, we can work on that!)  We are still amazed every day, that God has chosen us to be your parents.  We will be so lucky to wake up to your beautiful face every morning.  You will remind us every day of how blessed we are.  We will do anything we can to help you blossom into the child God has intended for you to become.  We will steal kisses when you're sleeping and take pictures when you're not looking so we can remember every single second with you and never forget how lucky we are.  I want you to know that you have already changed our lives in so many ways.  Your worth in this world is immeasurable. My heart already calls you my daughter and my arms ache to hold you.  I look forward to the day you can read this letter and know just how much you were wanted and needed.  Until I can see you face to face sweet angel you will be in my heart.



  1. awe. that is beyond words.

  2. that is beautiful!!
    you should frame it and put it in her room :)

  3. So sweet. I know just how you feel :)...

  4. Dear Sarah,I couldn't help but cry. My what words you wrote. They are so special. I agree you need to put that in a frame for Zoya to see. This whole journal needs to be bound so that you can look back and read all that God has brought you two through.God Bless. Kathy S.