Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2nd Grade Funnies and Zoya's First Dentist Appointment

So at least God knew I needed some laughs today since I struggled so much yesterday and last night with the idea of returning to work. It was seriously such a busy fast day that I did not even think about Zoya every second...rather I only thought about her every 3 seconds! hehe.

As I was checking the kids in this morning I asked them one at a time, "How are you getting home today?" And they would tell me car rider or bus and what number. One of my students, when I asked this question looked at me funny like he didn't understand. I knew he was going to after school care at the school and I was just trying to get him to confirm that so I said, "What are you doing at the end of the school day today?" and he said with the biggest grin I've ever seen, "Going to McDonalds if I have a good day!" LOVE IT!

Another kid....very very sweet kid...walked right up to me and said, "Mrs. Bitch?" Yes you read that right! He had NO IDEA he said a bad word!! I didn't say anything because I thought there was no way I just heard that. Sure enough an hour later when he needed me again he said, "Ms. Bitch" and I assure you he had absolutely no idea what he was saying and I looked at him and said, "It's Mrs. Basile" and he said "Oh sorry" and went on with what he was trying to ask me!!

So.....thank you God for making me laugh during a tough day today!!

Zoya had a dentist appointment this morning and there was no other day or time we could schedule it unless we wanted to wait another 5 months so Shawn took her while I went off to work (sigh...). I was worried because it was a new place and Zoya's first time to the dentist and I didn't want her to be scared and not be able to comfort her. Shawn said she did fairly well and it helped that she was at a pediatric dentist's office who was wonderful with her! Shawn said everyone there LOVED Zoya and there were lots of workers coming into the room to check her out and say hi! She sat in the chair without crying (bonus! because sometimes that is where it all starts....Zoya and her newfound fear of chairs! LOL).  She cried a little but he was able to check out all her teeth and said there are no cavities! And her tooth development is only a little behind normal development. He did recommend brushing with flouride toothpaste instead of the toddler stuff we use, but she definitely doesn't know how to spit yet. So I'm afraid to use that toothpaste if she swallows it. He also wants us to floss...this picture makes me laugh....RIIIIIIGHT...that is going to happen!!! ;)

Zoya smiling at the dentist! Look at that cute stuffed animal! Shawn said they let Zoya brush its teeth before he looked at her teeth!


Waiting and Playing
Notice the blankie (in all the pictures so far...scroll back up and look) might remember it from Ukraine....see the picture below:
Look at that butterball.  Anyways...Shelly (who must be an angel I'm sure of this) and her daughter made this taggy blankie for Zoya and brought it to us in Ukraine while they were there adopting three new family members! Zoya liked this blankie while we were there but she couldn't have cared less if it wasn't with her. Just in the last week she has taken to this blankie and takes it with her everywhere. She loves this thing!! It's officially her special blankie that she can't be without:)

And Shawn sent me this picture today with a message that said, "playing with her new friend the reflection." So cute!
Now this momma is tired and has a million things to do before my head hits the bed...I wonder if my body will ever realize it will never get enough sleep again....the restful years are over....but then again we have plenty of time to rest when we're dead:)


  1. We have that shirt from Old Navy...and a taggie blanket that looks suspiciously like the one Zoya is holding ;)!

    It sounds like Zoya did great at the dentist!! A lot of kids won't even let the dentist nearby.

  2. Glad things went well for Zoya at the dentist. That is where Kevin still goes, and that is the chair he insists on sitting in to get a cleaning.

    Gotta say that it sounds like Zoya was better behaved than Kevin, but the staff and dentist there are great with kids of all sizes, even 21 year olds. He told me he has an adult patient in her 30's I believe.

    Maybe when she goes again in February (6 months) you can go instead of Shawn. :-)

    School will get better, just remember she is good hands and well cared for while you are doing that important job you do so well, even if someone called you Mrs. B#@*.

    Sue M.

  3. Glad you had a good day today and glad Zoya's visit to the dentist went well.


  4. Zoya great job on going to the dentist.

    Ms. Iz loves to play with her reflection and also her shadow thanks to Bear in the Big Blue House.


  5. She is just so stinkin cute. I can't believe what a big girl she is becoming!