Monday, August 30, 2010

A Moment to Remember

Today I had one of those Momma moments that I will just cherish forever. From the beginning, Zoya bonded pretty quickly and easily to us, but I still worried about her understanding the fact that we are momma and daddy and nobody can take our place.  I worried that our bond would weaken when I returned back to work.  I wondered if our 5 months together would be enough for her to understand that I am here to stay. I worried she might replace me and not "need" me like she has needed me since coming home.  Today I was given the peace I've been praying for. Today my worries were dismissed.  Zoya's babysitter usually brings her to my school at the end of the day when she is picking up her own children.  Now remember, there are like a trillion kids and adults in the hallways and it's pretty chaotic...lots of people with lots going on.  They strolled past me and I saw Zoya look up at me and then look away, and then like lightening, she turned her head back toward me with a big smile and reached out for me!  Normally she would be so distracted by everything going on around her that even if I tried to get her attention she'd rather people-watch. To watch her find me in a crowd and chose me over everything and everyone else was so meaningful.  It took away any worry I had of her not needing me or of our bond changing in any way. For this little moment I am so thankful!


  1. Ah, Sarah...isn't that the greatest feeling?...Nobody like happy for you.
    Love, Liz

  2. I'm not surprised one bit. You can really see that bond thru your photos that you post. I love how she is always reaching out to touch one or both of you at the same time. That bond is there, never doubt that Momma, you have each other hook line and sinker!

    What a great feeling though isn't it?

    Way to go Zoya for letting Momma "know" that she was the only person standing in that hallway that truly mattered.

    Hugs to you!

  3. Wonderful. It sounds like just the sign that you needed. :)

  4. WONDERFUL!!! I am GRATEFUL with you!!! I am sooo happy for you, Zoya gave you this sign. Your bonding with your little ANGEL will last forever, it is a GODwork!!!
    Be blessed!

  5. Awww...How sweet.