Thursday, August 19, 2010

Therapy with Groceries!

When we visited Shawn's family at camping Zoya loved playing with all the boxes/cans/bags of food in two rubbermaid containers they had brought. When I saw her doing this I thought what good work for her finger strength and leg and core strength by bending and squating and good problem solving practice. She liked taking the items from one bin and putting them in the other and back and forth. So a week after camping I set up some bins with groceries and BAM and hour of fun and therapy without Zoya even knowing! Zoya is the kind of kid who, if she thinks it is work you might as well forget it! You have to trick her into working for therapy! Here are some pics of our fun grocery therapy!

Two bins filled with groceries of various weights and sizes

Trying to half kneel stand...look at that determined look!

Working on leg and core strength by bending to pick up Mya's toy to throw in the bucket

Taking an inventory....(ps the egg carton is EMPTY)

Moving away from the couch to throw items in

More bending to work on leg strength

Using two hands to pick up items squatting and standing and the look on her face!

Picking up one item in each hand!

Not really a good therapy position but I think she is practicing for shotput in summer olympics 2026

Stacking and problem solving

More stacking

Standing from middle of the floor using only ONE HAND to push up!!

So if you're looking for a cheap and fun idea to incorporate OT and PT...working on hand/eye coordination, finger strength, core and leg muscle strength, problem solving, and just good old fun...this is a great idea to try!


  1. Such a cutie!! We have therapy 3 times a week. I wish it was all at once, but its ok. Our adopted babies have come along way since December. 2 of them are now walking so the therapy is for sure working. Your baby looks great. Its so nice to be able to watch another baby my babies ages go through different stages. You can see how much alike they are. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This "Gia Russa"can would shurly make a perfect "button box"...;)
    (saw the metal bottom...) So you can finally start the new business...:) Just let me know, when you need big buttons...
    Thanks for the great pics and OT and PT tips!!

  3. Isn't great when we can trick our kids to do work!?!