Monday, August 16, 2010

Tear Duct Surgery Part II

Zoya is home and napping after her tear duct surgery this morning.  It went well for the most part. The doctor was 40 minutes late getting back to take her and so by that point the nice "happy juice" they gave her started to wear off.  The surgery took about 25 minutes and then they came back to get us. I could hear Zoya crying as soon as we walked in the door. For about 30 minutes or so she was unconsolable which they say is a common reaction in children when coming out of the anesthesia. She wasn't just sad, she was MAD. She wanted the IV out and she wanted it out like yesterday. When I tried to put her shirt back on she hit me! Little stinker...she has NEVER done that before! I guess we will keep all this in mind when she turns 21 if she would ever like to consume "happy juice" LOL. are some pictures to show you our cute little patient (although I did not take any after the surgery...she was too upset and so was I). Man I don't know how some of you mommas do this when it comes to big surgeries!!

On our way...I had to wake Zoya up and she didn't want to get up! Then she was wide awake and dancing, then she got sleepy again!

Just reading the paper while she waits!

Playing in her too big hospital gown.

She started eating up all the attention and laid down and rubbed her belly (this is what she does when she wants ME to rub her belly either when she is sad or sleepy).

New fashion trend?

About 10 minutes after the "happy juice."
Thanks for your prayers...glad it is over and hoping she is back to her normal happy self very soon!


  1. LOVE the "happy juice" photo! Precious!

    Most importantly she has the right football team hat on. :) Go Steelers, even although all my Buffalo Bills family would be upset with me. :)

    So glad that the surgery went well.


  2. Zoya, You are oh so cute!
    Hugs to you all.

    Be blessed!

  3. Just got back from Buffalo and checked blog ASAP to check on the patient!! I am so glad everything went well!!!! Little Trooper! (I mean you MOM)!!!!

  4. Soooo thankful, that all went well for the little patient!!
    (And for her parents aswell..:)!!

  5. Well, it sounds like everyone got through it just fine, not easy, but you did it!! What doesn't kill us makes us stronger---and the Basile family is getting stronger all the time(and cuter). Holler if you need anything, Liz

  6. So happy all went well with the surgery!!!!! She's so darn cute!

  7. So glad to see that all is well, too bad Zoya didn't understand that this was in her best interest! The toughest thing is to hand over your baby and have to wait until the surgery is done. We took Kevin to the St. V's Same Day surgery center for wisdom teeth extraction, and that was nerve-wracking. The personnel there were really great with him, though. Hope all is well today.

    Sue M.