Saturday, April 17, 2010

Boogies and Barney

When we saw Zoya this morning she had crusty boogies all over her nose and face.  I can't believe they hadn't even wiped her nose off....or the rest of her face for that matter....poor babe.  We brought a booger sucker and she actually likes to have her boogies sucked out! She smiles haha....maybe too much information...only information a mommy would think is cute! I've said before that the weekend care takers are much more.....lax, for lack of better word.  We took her outside because it was so gorgeous out and it was hotter in the orphanage than it has ever been yet! She started coughing while we were outside, so we cut our walk short and took her back in.  We watched some Barney and danced.  The caregivers were all wearing masks...I'm almost certain to protect themselves and not the children (since they didn't ask us to wear any).  We heard a few other kids coughing so it seems there is a little bug going around her groupa.  Hopefully she can kick it before we fly out.  The day after tomorrow we are springing her from this joint! I posted another post today below this one with a travel update so be sure to check it out.

I think she looks like a little old lady here..haha. 

Daddy trying out the baby jeep carrier.  We are going to trade off carrying her through the airport. Her legs look so long in this picture!

I bought some Gerber cookies to keep her busy on the airplane.  We snuck one to her outside.  We're not allowed to bring her any food.  Oh this point they can't tell us no so I don't really care!

Happy Moma and Zoya

We brought her an electric toothbrush for some oral motor stimulation. She loved it! Not to mention I got a much needed teeth-brushing in!

And....the cute little headphones.  Zoya looks so serious and focused here....watching Barney! She still likes Barney the best...even better than the Wiggles or Sesame street!

Happy girl watching Barney!


  1. awwwww! What sweet pics,I love them all but Shawn and Zoya in the carrier and Momma and Zoya are my top 2 picks!! Can't wait to have you home...Mya is pretty sick of seeing me come through the door pretty sure. HA. Love ya

  2. I cannot stand how CUTE she is. Seriously!! She is just so precious!!!!!!!!!

  3. The tiny earphones are adorable! I am amazed that she keeps them on her sweet little head! :) We're making a list of the things that have worked for your family! :) (I always had a love/hate relationship with those nose suckers -- our kids hated them so it was hard to "do" to them but it was satisfying to clear their noses out! So glad Miss Zoya didn't dislike it!)

    We can't wait to see Monday's post! Happy day!


  4. Talking about boogies.....OK, you ARE a mom now!! HA

  5. Hoping she feels better fast and I can't wait to see her walk out of there with you for GOOD!!!

  6. That darn volcano is giving me an ulcer....we are HOPING and PRAYING we can still leave on Monday for our flight to Ukraine through Frankfurt!!! PLEASE GOD!

    Zoya is as adorable as ever!

  7. AW!!! I am so excited that you are winding down this adventure!!! :) I am at a women's conference in Louisville, KY this weekend. This morning we sang "Savoir, He can move the mountains..." and I was brought to tears just thinking about the mountains that He has moved and will move for you to bring Zoya home!!!! Wow. :o) Can't wait for Gotcha day!!!!!! LOTS OF PICS REQUIRED!!!!!!!!!!

  8. She is just so stinkin cute! Such a beautiful baby!!!! Be blessed

  9. So happy to see new pics! I was in withdrawal! Spring beauty awaits you in Erie. Hang in there, you are almost to the finish line in this marathon. Praying still, Liz
    P. S. LOVED the Boogie Sucker story!