Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Quite the day already and it is only noon.  Some days I feel defeated and wonder why not one part of this process can be easy.  We got an email from our facilitator today saying that the Vital Statistics office in Zoya's home town has not had power for 7 days and they don't know if it will be back on by Tuesday the 13th in order to process Zoya's birth certificate.  The one and only woman who is allowed to print her birth certificate is also having a baby in the hospital right now.  This would not fly in America....but Ukraine is NOT America.  Our facilitator said she doesn't know what to tell us and we can either still fly out Sunday and maybe have to stay for who knows how much longer than the week and a half we were planning and wait until the power comes back on, all the time having no clue if that will take days or weeks, or we can stay home longer and wait to hear.  I'm almost in tears.  I just spent the whole day yesterday making appointments for the week after we were supposed to be home, and now we may not even be home.  I just want to get her and bring her home! This is supposed to be the "easy" part of the process, if there is an easy part.  Every time I start to let my guard down just the teeniest bit something like this happens.  I think I will be in such disbelief the day we are allowed to walk out of the orphanage with her!  Please pray that this issue will be resolved quickly and we don't have to change or flights again and delay getting Zoya home even more :( 

Here are a few videos that I uploaded.  Watching them and thinking we might not get to her as soon as we though breaks my heart.

This is the first time Zoya ever laughed!

Here is Zoya dropping her toys again and cracking up!

Here is her little tongue.

Zoya following directions in her walker!


  1. Oh,I am so sorry for you!!
    This to be dependent on many people in this whole process, that they do their things right and proper and on time, (and they do so often not..)is such a tough part of the adoption journey and you already experienced a lot!
    And how you write: Ukraine is not USA!
    But we keep praying for you, for inner strength and courage, that you may have confidence, that God will take care of this issue!
    Be blessed! Christina

  2. I totally forgot!
    The videos of Zoya and you are just so cute!!!
    Thanks for posting them.

  3. That is very discouraging. I pray that it wont be any longer in the process, I cant imagine what Zoya must be thinking. Soon! Soon!!

    An older mother was talking to a group of us at church and commented that she had bloody knees for 10 yrs but her kids turned out all right. (Meaning she was on her knees everyday praying for them) Guess you and I will have the same story to tell when we are older. Praying for our babies. hugs!

  4. The videos of Zoya are precious! Praying that things will work out smoothly just as planned.

  5. Oh I can only imagine how much you miss your baby girl. She is so precious in those videos.

    SOOO frustrating Sarah. Oh you guys so need a least you are home getting this news so you can prepare accordingly. Let's PRAY they get this resolved ASAP.

  6. Those videos are just precious,I know it must be so hard to be so far away and not know what more it is going to take.
    I'm very sorry youre going through this, I am praying that things will fall into place as planned!
    She is a gem, its hard, but she is sooo worth it!

  7. Ah, Sarah..more rain...your rainbow is going to be so was great to watch and listen to Zoya again...I especially love when she keeps throwing down the toy and laughing, knowing that Shawn will pick it up again and again. Still praying. Love, Liz

  8. We're so sorry about the discouraging news.

    Praying for your family!


  9. She looks SO great. To see her warm up to the kisses and then LAUGH, made me really happy! Praying for you!

  10. I am so sorry that this strange stuff is happening. It wouldn't be Ukraine if there weren't several unknowns :(
    I hope you hear good news before you have to make the decision to go or not go.