Monday, April 5, 2010

Pink Shoes and Sunshine

It was a completely exhausting day and the only reason my eyes are still open now is because my brain will NOT shut body is barely hangin in there, but my brain...that evil keeping me from resting!

I called the pediatrician to try to get an appointment for Zoya and am still waiting to hear back.  Also trying to decide if I want to call the International Adoption Clinic in Pittsburgh and set up an appointment there, or if we should start with the pedi...not sure.  Spent some time researching how to get Zoya a social security card and will try to put her on our insurance tomorrow.  Got caught up on a couple bills, did 2 more loads of laundry (Zoya's things), put some finishing touches (although still not finished) on Zoya's bedroom, organized her play room a bit, had lunch with a great friend, had a doctor appointment for myself (3 weeks of eating no vegetables and my body is NOT happy with me), uploaded 800 pictures from Ukraine to the Walmart website only to find out they wanted to charge me $30 for shipping, and went shopping for Zoya girl for about 3 hours! How is that for a full day?

The little things make me happy pink shoes.  When I got home from shopping I thought I only bought 3 pair of shoes for Zoya but when I started unpacking the bags I realized I actually bought 4 pair...and they all are either pink or have pink in the pattern! I will probably never buy Zoya red shoes because that will remind me of her pathetic orphanage shoes that don't even fit! Apparently though, I like pink shoes :)  See? I bet she will like them too!
Pair #1....
Pair #2....
Pair #3....
Pair #4....
What can I say? They were all on sale ;)

So even though I had an incredibly busy day, at the end of the day two things made me really happy: pink shoes and the wonderful sunshine and warmth we had all day today! Driving with my windows down and smelling fresh air (missed that very much in Ukraine) was enough to make this day awesome! Zoya loves Sunny Days too...see?

Also on sale ;)

Oh...and I also put this stencil on Zoya's wall today....I love the saying....

I also put out the Matryoshka Dolls that we bought for Zoya in Ukraine

Our house is almost as ready as our hearts are for Zoya to come home!! We will definitely be doing more baby proofing than we thought since she is movin' and shakin' a lot more than we thought she would be!


  1. Great shoes! :) Love Zoya's wall stencil, too!

    So glad you had a wonderful day!


  2. Beautiful Sarah!!! I love it all!!! I'm so happy for you and for her!!! She is an angel baby!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Before you cast judgment on all red shoes, Dorothy had "ruby slippers" when she said "There's no place like home, there's no place like home." :-)

    Almost time for you and Zoya to follow the yellow brick road!

    Sue M.

  4. It must be so much fun and joy for you to prepare, to decorate for your little Sunshine coming home soon!!
    Ilove the wall stencil, the words are symbolic for her "free"life, she will have now with you.
    What a gift!!!
    Good days at home! Christina

  5. Fantastic! I love the outfit and shoes. The wall is beautiful and the dolls!!! I cant wait to buy them when we are in Russia. Do you have her bringing baby home outfit? I can't wait to see pictures of her out of there and in her home and life here. I didnt know about the International Adoption Clinic in Pittsburgh, since we live in the burgh I should check it out. Our dr adopted from Russia and so we thought it would be best to start with him. He is our kids doctor and has been for a little while. I am learning so much from you. I hope I can share our journey with you, right no we are starting over but God is good! Be blessed. Hope the next few days go by fast and you can have Zoya in our arms asap.

  6. Can't wait to see Zoya in those pink shoes! Take good care of yourself...I am right next door if you need anything. Love, Liz
    I have a magnet on my fridge with that caterpillar/butterfly saying!

  7. I LOVE those shoes...I miss the day when my little girl (now 8) wore shoes like those!
    Her bedroom is wonderful as well, befitting a princess like Zoya!
    I cannot wait to see her home, and napping in the mid-morning!

  8. Love the shoes! It is so fun to shop for little girls! Also love the wall saying!

  9. Sarah, I love it! The clothes, shoes and her room. I'm sure you are just going crazy...but a FUN crazy. Talk to you soon.
    Kim & Tom Baumann
    Adopting Vanya #11