Saturday, April 17, 2010

Travel Update and The Darn Volcano!

Well it looks like we will likely fly into Erie Thursday evening.  Even though we will be ready to leave Wednesday morning, this volcano has wreaked havoc pretty badly in Europe and as a result flights everywhere are affected.  Wednesday there was not availability for all of our connections we'd need to make, so we stuck with our Thursday ticket.  On Monday, if the volcanic ash has cleared the air and the Frankfurt airport has reopened, we will contact our travel agency to see if anything has opened up Wednesday but it is probably unlikely with all the chaos from this volcano.  Is the volcano being covered on the news much in the U.S.? We get one English Channel...EuroNews...and it's all they're talking about....maybe it's being covered more here in Europe? We are hoping the cloud decides to float East so we can get home! I hope and pray by Thursday that this thing is cleared up! There are a few families adopting who are stuck in the country they are adopting from because of this.  We were really hoping to get home Wednesday when we heard that we'd be ready, but then this volcano erupted and delayed those plans too! I must say, during all the delays we've had during this process, I never once thought of a volcano possibly delaying us from returning home with our sweet girl!  We're used to climging mountains on this journey, but not volcanos!  We hope hope hope this clears up way before Thursday and we can at least get home by Thursday. Either way we are breaking Zoya out of the orphanage in....the day....after....tomorrow!!! FINALLY!

We actually forgot the whole camera during last night's visit after forgetting the memory card in the morning....sorry no pictures :(  Today we will take a bunch though! Today and tomorrow are going to seem very long waiting for Monday to come....and on the weekends we can only visit 2 hours instead of 4.
Here are some pictures of the house we are staying upgrade from our last trip here but still quite different than the good old USA!
Here is the outside of our house:

Here is our "kitchenette"

Here is our shower...ooohhh so much better than the last place! This one has some spray/mist/steam thing and it feels like a car wash! haha! No shower shoes needed here!

And here is our bedroom.  The decor in Ukraine is interesting.  Nothing really matches and I wonder often what they would think of all of our HGTV shows! This bed has a "mattress" more like a's not really a mattress but I like it.  The wallpaper sparkles and glitters...especially when the light is off and I turn the flashlight on to find my way into bed!!


  1. The whole thing with the volcano sounds like a bad joke...but it is NOT! At the moment the "cloude" moved a bit south and covers now Switzerland, Northernitaly, France..we live a 30 minutes drive from the international airport, we have quite airtraffic here. But today, I tell you, it is SILENT. Not one single plane in the air, sort of strange!
    We DO PRAY PRAY PRAY that GOD stop the volcano, we PRAY for heavy winds, so the cloude will move more south. That you are able to fly STRAIGHT HOME! And GOD, we mean STRAIGHT!! HOME, what a word, what a feeling!!!
    Two more nights and your angel ZOYA will be FREE!
    Have a good weekend Christina

  2. The scientists, who ironically think they are smarter than everyone else, told officials in Iceland last Monday that there was no way that volcano would erupt again for many years. Wednesday, it erupted. If Zoya lived IN Iceland, you would be home already because it didn't bother people there. Do you remember when Mt. St. Helens erupted, the ashes went all over the USA.
    With all you 2 have been though since September, you are tougher than any stinkin' volcano. YOU CAN DO THIS! Praying for some wind and safe traveling.

    Sue and Kevin M.

  3. You could look at the volcano as a sign of celebration that Zoya has been given two beautiful and caring parents to give her a loving home and I just know that God WILL clear the skies so you can bring her home.Love those pictures of her.Praying for a safe trip home. Love, Aunt Marianne

  4. The skies will clear & the 3 of you will be home before you know it. When you leave, she's coming with you this time. Waiting until a flight is safe will seem minor once your home. I agree with Aunt M. God will clear the skies and bring you home safe. Testing your faith 1 more time! Your faith will shine as bright with this,as the skies that God will bring you home in. Thought & prayers. Love A. Suzie.

  5. Yes, lots of coverage of the stinking a pic of Frankfurt Airport completely empty. The pics you are sendng are just adorable. She is so sweet. You are right in your concerns, hotels are filled as well. Prayers to you that these last few days in a difficult situation will soon be over and you will be on your way, with tickets,seats and no delays. Take care kiddo, weather here has turned cool, wet and dismal, sun is to shine later next week. Safe travels,See you then, Love to all, Debbie N