Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some Pictures From Yesterday!

Here is a picture of our train. I was so excited it was pink, but when we got to our section of the train it was the usual blue :(

Here is a picture of the bench in the courthouse that we sat on before both court dates for a very long time!

Here is a copy of Zoya's NEW birth certificate! Her name is on the top 2 lines (written in Cryllic) and our names as her parents are toward the bottom.  Shawn's first name looks like Won and mine looks like Capa. Marina (speaking of my maiden name "Pulley") asked me if my ansestors are from the Baltic Sea...hmmm I don't think so but ya never know!

Zoya sporting her cool purple shades!

Sitting with Daddy in the car with no carseat! Ahhh!

She had this look on her face most of the ride!

Sweet girl!

Peeking out the window with Dad


  1. She's adorable!! I can't wait to see more photos!!! Congratulations!!

  2. Good morning MOM and DAD, Love the purple shades she looks so cute in them.Between you Sarah and what you write and seeing Zoya it makes me smile everyday.CONGRATULATION on your beautiful DAUGHTER.(Although, I think she is definently going to be a Daddys girl)Love Aunt Marianne

  3. Zoya looks like she knows she hit the "parent jackpot" with you two. I wonder if she is confused and thinking about why this happened to her. Or, maybe she has been expecting you all along? Guess we'll never know for sure. Happy traveling next week.
    Sue M.

  4. They are wonderful! Love the sunglasses, did she let you keep them on her? She looks like such an easy going baby. I am so glad she has a life now, one orphan down 146 million more to go!

  5. That is one beautiful little girl! :)

    So glad you're all back together again!!!!


  6. So great to wake up to pictures of Zoya again! I can't believe she kept on the sunglasses, good babygirl! I am exited thinking soon I will get to see her sweet face and beautiful blue eyes all the time. Love from the neighborhood, Liz
    P. S. I will keep all informed and show the pics!!

  7. She is too cute! Hope all goes well this week with the paperwork, visa, etc... Can't wait till all three of you guys get to come home for good!

  8. Love those Eyes. She is a true beauty!!!

  9. Loving the Zoya and Daddy connection already. She's such a blessing! Congratulations on your new daughter. Looking forward to reading more of your journey.

  10. It's good to see you all together again!

  11. Those blue eyes!!!
    Just a gorgeous sweetheart!!

  12. Beautiful baby and really cute parents. Such sweet pics. Good go see all of you smiling. May the remaining time on this trip go quickly and be enjoyable for all. A real birth must be so excited. Will continue to pray for all of you and your safe return. Love to all, Debbie N