Monday, April 12, 2010

On the Train with a Man Wearin Argyle :)

We mad it onto the train and somehow I have internet connection.  We bought 3 first class tickets so we could have some space for our luggage...but Nico accidentally bought 2 tickets in one compartment and one ticket in another, which does us no good.  So we are sharing our compartment with another guy.  It is a little strange since we don't speak the same language and he is sitting about 12 inches from me (facing me).  I told Shawn we will have to take turns sleeping incase he tries to rob or kill us.  I've heard stories about people getting gassed by others and getting robbed on trains....but this guy is wearing an argyle sweater....I've NEVER heard of a murderer wearing argyle....but then again I guess I don't know what most murderers wear....but really he looks like a nice student...I guess you will find out if we live to tell the tale! Haha. 

We should get to our "new" house in Zoya's region around midnight Ukraine time.  We are not staying in the same house we did last time, so we will see if this is an upgrade or not so much :) We were told the power "should" be on tomorrow. We are being picked up bright and early at 7am to get our papers from the judge and then off to the vital statistics office (as long as it has power) to get Zoya's birth certificate and hopefully then we can apply for her passport.  So excited to see our girl again!


  1. UGH, I can't imagine having to share the little train box with a stranger! How awkward that would be!

    Thinking of you all as you see your little sweetie again :)

  2. Praying for Power and that everything falls into place and that you are able to return home with your little Zoya asap : )

    Hugs : )


  3. You sound like you are in good spirits. Hope the house is beautiful! Take care.

  4. Safe travels....I can't wait to "see" her again too!

  5. Oh my...At least you are not six people in that little box....:)!!(we used to travel alot by train at night in Europe and could write a storybook about the experiences...! So we hope for you, that the guy has a "deepdown" sleep and will not snore!!:)
    We pray that the power will be on!
    And we wish you a happy reunion with YOUR little precious girl. Soon, soon you will have her in your arms! What a joy!!!

  6. YEAH!!! You do sound like you are actually having a good time with this which is wonderful! VERY soon you will be coming home with her...and we might just get to cross paths in Kiev on the 20-23rd...we'll be there all week! We leave Monday the 19th!!

  7. May the force be with you :-) With all the prayers that are going out into the universe for you and Zoya, it is bound to create a powerful, Liz

  8. Jeff is going crazy, thinking about our trip! :) He is claustrophobic and is really worried about the plane and the train -- he's been considering the cost of hiring a driver from Kiev to Dnep... but I don't think he'll get a driver from the U.S. to Ukraine! :)

    So glad the man in argyle was safe!

    Thinking of you and praying!